The Revamp of Food Safety Regulation Is Postponed by Republicans

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Washington—The newly approved food safety regulation which was made by the Congress earlier this week. The regulation though will take several years until it can be used effectively by FDA and it is very likely to be opposed by Republicans since the party has stated its disagreement about the extra funds that will be given by the States to FDA in order to increase the quality of foods safety in the country. According to the Republicans leader that opposed the bill, the number of people that suffered from the lack of foods safety in the country is not sufficient to eventually make FDA gain the large amount of money to restore its system. According to the approved regulation, FDA is going to be given $1.4 billion to increase its act of foods examination.

However, the Republicans’ leader also stated that the number of funds might be over given and it may cause the Congress to eventually change the regulation and give fewer funds for FDA in the future. Moreover, according to Republicans, there are still many safe foods to eat in the country and the budget given is too much and not necessary at all. The billions of budget for foods safety examination is definitely unnecessary.



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