The Statement that Skim Milk Is Healthier than Whole Milk Is Still Debated

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The United States—Based on the experts’ advice, it is more healthier for people to consume skim milk and whole milk at intervals every two days. However, the latest study has proven that those that consume merely whole milk have less chance of having diabetes than those that consume skim milk. Nonetheless, there is also another study that stating those that consume skim milk are having a longer duration of life than those that consuming the whole milk products. These two contradicted study results is causing a confusion on deciding which type of milk is better.

Some might say that diabetes is still much better than death; however, diabetes is also a great source of death to people. It can increase the hazards of people’s health, some of which are visual and kidney’s disease. Based on the research, it is known that most people that consume the skim milk are usually eating more glucose while avoiding fat. It is not recommended because fat is also needed to balance someone’s need of nutrition. It is said that many are still unaware of the positive sides of fat and it causes them to avoid it. It is still okay to combine both types of milk rather than merely consume one of them, just like the experts’ suggestion.



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