Three causes of recurrent infections

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Urinary infections, candidiasis, herpes and fungal infection of the skin are among the most common recurrent infections. Blame for their occurrence frequency at the same person is not always the individual’s genetic susceptibility, but some mistakes in person’s lifestyle.

A proper diet, a good hygiene that limit the risk of recurrence of infection, treatment of other associated diseases weaken our body and supporting the body with natural supplements, helps prevent disease recurrence.


1. Overview
2. The three cases of recurrent infections

The three cases of recurrent infections

1. Abuse of antibiotics

To cope with pathogen attack and other offenders, the has perfected its natural defense system – the immune system. Skin, saliva, tears and intestinal microflora, all part of our immune system, but the body’s defense center focuses on the digestive system.

There are about 100 billion “good” bacteria that are gut flora. Maintaining balance at this level is the foundation of a strong immune system, it prevents harmful bacteria. However, our defense system strength can be weakened by some environment factors or some factors related to our lifestyle.

For example, prolonged treatment with antibiotics kills the intestinal microflora and immune system weakens. Furthermore, it can lead to antibiotic resistance. In this situation, diseases can become untreatable because existing drugs are not strong enough to control bacteria that acquired resistance. Therefore, the disease recurs in forms more aggressive and harder to control.

2. A chronic disease

Chronic diseases, especially severe ones like cancer significantly weaken the body’s natural defenses. Same thing happens with allergy sufferers and those with autoimmune diseases.

Therefore, people face with multiple complications of infections. To avoid these problems is necessary to support the immune system with supplements and chronic disease control.

3. Improper diet

Deficiencies of vitamins, especially when it comes to vitamins A, C and E, and minerals such as magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc, lead to a weakened immune system. Therefore, experts recommend that people who can’t absorb these nutrients from food (especially the consumption of fruit and vegetables) to follow the regular courses of natural nutritional supplements.



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