Throbbing Headache and Pulsating Head Pain and its Causes

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What is a Throbbing Headache?

A throbbing headache is a pulsating pain in the head with the rhythms similar to those of heartbeats.

Causes of Throbbing Headache

Sudden, Newly Appearing Throbbing Headache

For a sudden or first-time throbbing headache, the reasons could be as follows:

* Hard work resulting in tiredness.
* Hangover
* Allergic reaction
* Flu or any other similar infection
* Tooth abscess
* Regular tea and coffee drinkers not consuming for a longer period. Those who get addicted to caffeine from other sources too experience throbbing headache when they quit caffeine suddenly. Withdrawing from some medication like methysergide, ergotamine and amphetamine too gives headaches.
* There are certain medications like Avelox, Mirena, Omeprazol, Vasopressin, Chlorpromide, Diltiazem and Bactrim that cause throbbing headaches. An overdose of vitamin A and nitrates too causes throbbing pain in head.
* Heat stroke, lumbar puncture, high altitude sickness and high blood pressure too are roots for a painful throbbing headache.
* Apart from these, even poisoning due to various metals, gases or spoiled food gives sudden headache.

Episodic Throbbing Headache

The factors for episodic throbbing headache are given below:

* Migraine due to strong scents, stress or noise.
* Sleeping trouble followed by a throbbing headache the next morning. This condition is also known as sleep apnea.
* A decrease in blood serotonin levels cause throbbing headaches in short episodes.
* Young obese women experience basilar artery migraine during menstruation period.
* Intense, one-sided throbbing headache which lasts for several minutes. This happens more than once in a day for several days or sometimes weeks at a stretch.
* Headaches that last for a short period of time and felt usually around the eye or temple resulting in watery, reddish eyes and running nose.

Constant Throbbing Headache

The following issues can result in a constant throbbing headache:

* Anemia, the deficiency of iron, results in constant throbbing headache.
* Shingles
* Temporal arthritis gives rise to throbbing pain on one side of the head in addition to less-severe fever.
* Any abnormalities in the structure of head or neck.



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