Thrombosed external hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are located in a passage between veins and arteries, in anal tract and any person has. When there is an abnormal and permanent enlargement of the veins in this area, this leads to a pathological state of the piles.

Normally, they do not persist unless a formation thrombosis (clot) forms in a vein. This can turn into a painful bluish Bulge, ranging in size from pea size up to size of a golf ball in extreme cases.


1. Overview
2. Causes of thrombosed external hemorrhoids
3. Symptoms of thrombosed external hemorrhoids
4. Home treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids
5. Surgical options for external thrombosed hemorrhoids

Causes of thrombosed external hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids include:

- An increase of the abdominal pressure, which prevents the flow of blood to flow normally – pregnancy and childbirth are the best examples
- Intestinal problems, especially constipation
- Laxative abuse: some types of laxatives, suppositories or enemas which are mainly used for constipation or diarrhea
- Mobility decreased or total lack of mobility – especially prolonged standing or lying position
- Some foods, especially spices, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.. and a diet low in fiber
- Intense or repeatable exercise can cause hemorrhoids (riding, cycling)
- Dehydration
- Low elasticity of the skin around the piles
- Diseases of the digestive system or liver blood flow may involve downstream
- Generally, any excessive pressure exerted on internal hemorrhoids, congestion (retention of blood) can cause external hemorrhoids

Symptoms of thrombosed external hemorrhoids

An important symptom of thrombosed hemorrhoids, unlike the normal ones, is the presence of blood. Blood will be noted on your underwear, on toilet paper especially when the affected person will wipe on the anus after defecation.

Other symptoms include stinging or burning sensation in the anus, on the hemorrhoids, when in contact with sweat or water. This is due to the openness of the wound like a cut, showing stings when touched by water, while the person in question was in the shower.

Other symptom of thrombosed external hemorrhoids is formation of a lump around the anus and swelling. Discomfort, and / or pain in the affected area, is also a common symptom of these piles.

Home treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids

When a hemorrhoid has become thrombosed, the best solution is surgery. However, like any type of hemorrhoid is advisable first to try home treatment of hemorrhoids. A combination of persistent sitting baths, creams, anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as ibuprofen, warm compresses and ice, can improve or cure hemorrhoids.

This way, the body can reabsorb the hemorrhoid. However, if you experience severe pain or severe bleeding, it is important to seek your doctor. Home treatment, needs time to take effect.

Surgical options for external thrombosed hemorrhoids

Doctors usually recommend a hemorrhoidectomy when home treatment fails.

A less extensive type of surgery, an incision is around the hemorrhoid which surgeon only remove clot, not blood vessels in the hemorrhoid. The applicant appears to be related to the fact that blood vessels remain intact and at their level may occur new inflammation.



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