Tips for keeping acne under control

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Acne is not an easy condition to deal with. Once it has got to affect your skin and if not treated in time or properly, with the right substances, it seems that it conquers day by day more and more of the healthy skin.

In order to prevent acne from extending it is best to know the right solutions for preventing acne breakouts, this leading to a better control of this condition. A lot of people, especially teenagers find it difficult to keep acne under control especially when they see that acne is marching faster than they do in this fight. Many acne sufferers find their one great solution for keeping acne under control, and if they stick to it they manage to win this long battle for a healthy looking skin. But this solution might work only in their case and not in the case of other people. So, finding the right, perfect solution for managing acne takes some time and a lot of patience.

There are a few important base lines that influence acne control, and they are: keeping the skin pores clean, unclogging the already clogged pores, managing infection and reducing the redness that comes along with acne. Using delicate oil free products for cleaning your skin daily can help with preventing pores from getting clogged. On the market you will find face cleansing products that contain benzol peroxide and you should use them with trust.

Along with the daily taking care of the skin you should include in your beauty program exfoliation. You can do this once a week with a mild exfoliating gel, not a harsh one as your skin is already sensible and there is no need for injury. A mild exfoliation will remove the dry, dead cells from your skin, unblocking the pores and leaving a smooth, healthier skin behind. The process of exfoliation should be performed before bedtime, as during the night the skin will regenerate better and in the morning the positive results will be visible.

Some exfoliating products are meant for daily use and they come as creams that should be applied only on affected areas. These creams contain azelaic acid or sulfur or salicylic acid. All these compounds dry the skin extremely until it exfoliates on its own. This is why they should only be applied on the skin areas that suffer of acne and not on the healthy skin.

Sometimes acne breakouts are caused by bacteria and so an internal treatment with antibiotic drugs should be followed. If you go to a dermatologist you will probably receive a prescription for such medication. Follow the treatment as prescribed and you will manage the breakout. After that the daily external treatment should allow you to keep acne under control.




  1. I’m looking for an acne treatment that’s right for me. Proactiv does not work. I also read about some dangerous chemicals that Proactiv and other acne treatment systems contain. Can anyone give me more information??

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