Tips on How to Pass Kidney Stones Easily

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Kidney stones occur because of a variety of reasons—can be a previous infection, diet and lifestyle related causes, genetics and heredity, as well as diseases which may predispose a person to its development. Regardless of the cause, kidney stones happen when certain minerals crystallize inside our renal organs.

Like what most resources site—pain related to kidney stones is one of the, if not the worst sign that can present with the said condition. With that in mind, passing kidney stone is important and should be the primary goal of treatment. Here are common ways by which kidney stones may be passed out:

Drink plenty of water. We have to put in mind that many cases of kidney stone are due to dehydration. Insufficient amount of water makes urine concentrated leading it to crystallize. Counteracting this occurrence by drinking plenty of water is an excellent way of passing kidney stone. Drink at least 10 glasses of water and make sure it is water in its purest form. Stay away from coffee or other carbonated drinks.

Drink Citrus Juices. Citrus containing juices like orange, lemon, strawberry et cetera can help in passing out kidney stone.  Citrus juices work because these juices contain phosphoric acid—which many believe to be helpful in reducing the size of these stones in order for the passing out to be well facilitated. By drinking at least three glasses of citrus juices within a day, you can help your kidney get rid of these stones which are causing you too much pain.

Drink Alcoholic Beverages Wisely. While beer is thought of as a harmful substance to our body, one healthy fact about beer is that it can help in passing out kidney stone. How this happens? Simple—beer is a naturally occurring diuretic and makes us produce and pass out urine frequently. The more we pass out urine, the more chances that these kidney stones will be diluted and passed out. However, you must put in mind not to intoxicate yourself too much. Too much alcohol intake can put too much stress on your liver. Surely, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your liver in the hopes of getting rid of kidney stones.

Living An Active Life. Working out and becoming active can help you greatly in passing out kidney stone. The more you move yourself, the more force is exerted to deposit these stones on the lower areas of your urinary tract—thus leading to faster passing out of these stones. Just make sure that you supply yourself with an adequate amount of fluids prior to, while and after doing these physically strenuous activities.

There are also other herbs which have been known to help pass out kidney stones like celery, holy basil, goldenrod and uva ursi. In making use of these and the aforementioned ways of passing out kidney stone, put in mind to always consult these things to your physician to be guided accordingly.




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