Tips on how to prevent back pain

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Working a lot at the office in front of the computer, long driving, sitting in wrong postures or making sudden moves can lead to back pains. It seems that one of five people around the world have to deal with this affection every day. Anatomically speaking the lower portion of our back is like a pylon for the whole body as it has to support a major percent of our body weight. The vertebral bodies, the inter-vertebral disks, joints, ligaments and more than 30 muscles are responsible for the body’s stability. Here are some tips I found on how you can prevent back pain from occurring and some treatment methods in case back pain happens to you or your loved ones.

1. It seems that by performing stretching exercising every day you can prevent back pain from installing as you work on increasing the mobility of the muscles that are involved into the back pain occurrence. You can do back stretches in the morning or at evening, depending on your schedule.

2. If you are not a fan of stretching than you should try swimming as it has almost the same effect on your back muscles as stretching does. Another tip on avoiding back pain is to avoid sudden moves like sudden turning and bending.

3. If you work a lot of hours at the desk you should get an anatomically chair, that supports your back. Also, consider taking 5 minute breaks every hour. This stands for long driving too.

4. In case back pain happens to you, treatment consists mostly on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Bed rest is needed in case of a severe pain.

5. Go to a chiropractor for therapy massages. In case you have frequent back pain you should ask someone from your family to take a massage course. This way you might save a lot of money and will have your own masseur when needed.

6. Acupuncture is another useful solution for back pain. A study based on acupuncture was made at the University of Regensberg in Germany on 1100 patients that had lower back pain and the results were remarkable: 47% of those who have received acupuncture treatment had a considerable improvement of their health. The acupuncture positive effects lasted most of the patients more than six months.

It does not matter what for of treatment you choose for your back pain as long as you find one that suits your case. As about stretching I recommend that you talk with your family doctor about practicing it before getting started as other associated affections might interfere with it.




  1. Hi there….

    Great tips on back pain – it’s something that’s just started bothering me but I’ve been adopting the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach!

    All the best..


  2. Good article. However, on the acupuncture front, a recent UK study found that sham acupuncture (where you stick needles in at random) works almost exactly as well as “real” acupuncture, suggesting it’s just the placebo effect of having someone take a close, caring interest in your back pain.

    I’ve spent the last few years developing a simple software tool to help computer users improve their posture and adopt healthy working habits (regular breaks etc) – it reinforces what we know should be doing in terms of sitting right etc. Visit my website for a no obligation 30-day free trial.

  3. This is such a great topic to write about since everyone,especially athletes and women have multiple back pains. I have lower back pains sometimes if I sit in a chair too long. I think it’s because of how the chair was made.

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