Tips on how to treat and prevent gingivitis

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Gingivitis is an affection of the gums, involving inflammation and even infection of the periodontal tissue. As a lot of people are not used with going to the dentist periodically for evaluations, this is why gingivitis is so frequent among adults.

Gingivitis is mostly caused by plaque deposits and tartar. If gingivitis affects the gums they get to loose their normal pinky color and catch a red purple appearance.

Healthy mouth

Healthy mouth

Here are a few tips on how you should take care of your gums in order to avoid gingivitis:

1. Brush your teeth correctly. Most of the adults are complaining of their lack of time and in order to get more time for certain activities they cut time from other activities that they don’t realize to be quite important. And so, they wash their teeth fast (mostly for about 60 seconds) instead of doing it by the book. So, reserve 3 to 5 minutes for every time you wash your teeth and you might avoid gingivitis. Don’t forget about flossing too.

2. Try an electric tooth brush. Studies have proven that electric tooth brushes improve the oral health and prevent gingivitis. They are also good for those who don’t have such a great mobility in their arms or shoulders.

3. Use mouth wash. This product has antiseptic and anti-plaque properties and can help a lot in case of gingivitis. But still, it does not replace brushing and flossing.

4. Try the folic acid solution. Rinse your mouth with a solution of 0,1 folic acid twice a day and you will see that the inflammation and bleeding of your gums will diminish in time.

5. Eat carrots and apples. Scrunching these hard aliments once a day will clean and stimulate your gums, and therefore will keep them healthy.

6. And last, but not least…go to the dentist and see if you need plaque or tartar removal. Your gums might bleed a little bit during this procedure, but at least you will preserve the health of your gums this way.



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