Tofu – a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B

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Tofu contains soybeans and is a good source of protein, low in calories but rich in iron.

Tofu has a flavor that few people feel the need to improve to make it a more tasteful food.

Children agree tofu, as it is soft enough to be eaten even by those who did not complete dentition, but is consistent enough to be eaten with your fingers.


1. Overview
2. Nutritional information
3. Tofu in child nutrition
4. Recipes for you and your family

Nutritional information

Tofu is rich in high quality protein and is a source of vitamin B and iron. If clotting agent used for preparation is calcium salt, tofu is an excellent source of calcium.

Over 50% of calories come from fat, and a serving of 120 grams of tofu contains about 6 grams of fat. Tofu is low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol.

In general, if it is soft, the tofu has less fat. Tofu is also low in sodium, which it turns into a perfect food for those who follow diets low in sodium amounts.

Nutrients contained 120 grams of tofu:
Firm tofu, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride:

Calories – 79
Protein – 9.25
Carbohydrates (g) – 1.91
Fat (g) – 4.71
Saturated Fat (g) – .975
Cholesterol – 0
Salt (mg) – 14
Fiber (g) – 1
Calcium (mg) – 227
Iron (mg) – 1.82

Soft tofu, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride:

Calories – 69
Protein – 7.4
Carbohydrates (g) – 2.03
Fat (g) – 4.17
Saturated Fat (g) – .602
Cholesterol – 0
Salt (mg) – 9
Fiber (g) – 0.2
Calcium (mg) – 125
Iron (mg) – 1.25

Tofu in child nutrition

This food can be consumed by children after the age of 8 months. Tofu is often sold with vacuum package which if not intended to be consumed immediately after it is purchased, it can be frozen.

There are many kinds of tofu:

- Strong consistency tofu is dense and solid and is richer in protein, fat and calcium compared to other forms of tofu.

- Soft tofu is a good choice for first food offered to children because it keeps its shape but is soft enough to be chewed by a little child.

- Tofu cream is made by a slightly different process, resulting in a product like a cream. It is soft and can be mixed with fruits and vegetables.

Recipes for you and your family

- For babies will cut small pieces of vacuum tofu. Once the package is opened tofu leftovers should be covered with fresh water before storing. Water will be changed from one day to another and tofu can be stored in the refrigerator up to one week. To be frozen tofu will be wrapped in plastic wrap or may be stored in a covered recipient.

- For adults can be prepared any of the following recipes:

Tofu foam


- 1/2 package of soft tofu
- 1 medium banana
- 1 cup of unsweetened juice
- 1 cup frozen berries

Add all ingredients in blender and blend to get a foam consistency.

Tofu salad

- 1/2 package of soft tofu
- 2 green onions
- soy sauce

Mix the chopped tofu and green onions and add soy sauce. You can serve this with a bowl of rice.



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