Top 10 Tips for Decreasing Cholesterol Level

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Nutrition experts came up with ten tricks that can be applied in your own kitchen, at the supermarket or at restaurants if you have a high level of cholesterol but still enjoy having many square meals a day.

In your own kitchen

Start using rather high-quality margarine instead of butter. People suffering from a high cholesterol level (low-density lipoproteins/ LDL) have to avoid animal saturate fats, encountered in aliments such as cheeses, salamis, cream or butter. By consuming less of these products, the level of bad cholesterol decreases. Be careful, though: not all margarines are high-quality: they have to contain maximum 17% saturate fats, according to
Although it might be better than butter, oil contains lots of calories so do not make abuse of it. Use vegetable oils for cooking, such as olive oil and soya oil. Avoid the use of palm oil because although it is vegetal, contains fat saturate acids (bad fats) up to 50%, unlike the other vegetable oils (5%-15%).

You should never run out of tuna cans, mackerel, anchovy, sardines – these fish contain Omega 3, which is extremely benefic for the cardiovascular apparatus. They are practical for people who do not have the time to cook but are also economical and delicious with a matching salad.

Cook without additional fats. Although vegetables and meat are delicious with butter or cream, there are many ways of making them light and also a treat to your senses. Vegetables can be boiled, baked, without the use of any fats.

At the supermarket

Dairy products are rich in bad fats. For a regular calcium infusion degreased or semi-degreased dairy products are recommended. As long for the yoghurts, the Greek ones are extremely dangerous. Fat free yoghurts or 2% maximum fat are recommended.

Alimentary products on sale are not always less healthy. You only have to be careful to the total percentage of fats, to the fact that they should be palm oil free and hydrogenate fat free. You should also avoid buying processed food because it usually contains lots of fats and excessive salt.
Avoid desserts – pain au chocolat, cookies, chocolate, biscuits, etc. They are generally full of fats. The most dangerous are hydrogenate fats, such as hydrogenate palm oil. Hydrogenation is an industrial procedure that can rise the oil consistence and the validation term of the product.

At the restaurant

If you often eat downtown at the restaurant, get used to order fish, most ideally, 2-3 times a week. It contains good fats unlike red meat and is most frequently presented with vegetables or rice, which have few calories.
Modify the meals according to your own needs. Although it may sound tempting, cheap and may be quickly served, the menu of the day may not be a good choice. Avoid ordering French fries, order instead fresh beans, green salad and red meat.
Walking in the park can also help digestion.
Walks or strength exercises are as important as the alimentary diet for decreasing cholesterol level. Moreover, physical exercises are benefic for preventing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Moderate physical exercises are recommended daily, for at least a quarter of an hour.



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