Top 3 Effective Stop Snoring Solutions

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Are you being bugged by being constantly hit by your wife with pillows each night due to your loud snore? Well you might think there is no other choice left out for you since you think snoring might not have any cure at all… but hold on—snoring has its own cures too!

Here are the three most effective long term stop snoring solutions that you might want to try.

Losing Weight and Diet. Nothing beats these stop snoring solutions as many people who snore are found to have higher than normal body mass index. Simply put—many snoring people are found to be obese and have a large neck circumference.

The thing about snoring which many people should understand is that this incidence is caused by tissues in our throat and palate that makes contact with each other leading to mechanical obstruction in our throat. Many of these obstructions are due to accumulation of fats. As such, when we lose weight, we also lessen the size of these tissues and burn the fats in our throat leading to lesser obstruction and better sleeping experience.

Face and Throat Exercises. When our facial muscles, including those inside our throat and airway, are not toned enough, these may sag and form an obstruction especially when we sleep. When such thing happens, we can suffer from snoring.

One of the best stop snoring solutions is performing throat and face muscle exercises. These exercises are diverse and can be simple as chewing a gum (or pretending to), putting a spoon inside your mouth and pushing your tongue against it, extending your tongue outside your mouth and rotating it in all directions, etc. These exercises can be performed when you are driving, inside the shower or even while reading this…just make sure no one is around you as they might think you’re fooling around.

Proper Positioning on Bed. Sleeping on the right positioning will not only make your sleeping experience more comfortable and peaceful… it will also do the same to your bed partner. Many times people tend to snore a lot because of the position of the neck, head and back. When we sleep in positions in which our throat muscles may sag down or slide backwards, snoring is most likely to happen. Sleeping on the side is one of the recommended stop snoring solutions that one can try.

Snoring or sleep apnea is a problem experienced by many people—whether you are a man or a woman, single or married, a CEO of a multinational company or a simple worker on a factory…snoring may affect you. And when it comes to snoring, people usually resort to many treatments like nasal drops, strips, and even result to the use of machines or devices they put in their face just to lessen the incidence of this grunting sounds each night.

Apart from their effectiveness in preventing snoring, these solutions are also economical because doing these would not even require you to pay a single centavo. If




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