Top 5 Popular Knee Exercises

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The knees are the areas of our body most prone to suffering from injuries due to trauma, as well as wear and tear. We all make use of our knees for most of the hours in a day, seven days a week. Injuries may happen due to conditions like arthritis, trauma, meniscus tears, sprain, strain, and many other knee disorders. When these conditions occur, it will be hard to move about and perform a person’s activities of daily living. Thus, it is important to take care of our knees.

Like our body as a whole, our knees should also be given individual care in order to prevent possible damages and disorders to it. One of the best preventive techniques, not only to the knees but also to the general health of our body system is through exercise. Knee exercises are efficient means of preventing knee related disorders and conditions. Here are important knee exercises which you have to include in your daily routine:

Quadriceps Contractions. Contracting and relaxing the quadriceps in cycles and several repetitions is an effective method of knee exercises. Sit on a chair and make sure both of your feet is able to touch the ground or floor flatly. Maintaining straight knees, tighten your thigh muscles for about ten seconds and loosen them for about five seconds. Do the same process for ten repetitions and perform about two to three sets each day.

Knee Raises. Performing knee raising exercises can be done by laying flat on the floor. Raise one foot above your body and bend the knees in a 90 degree angle. Raise the other leg straight and hold the position for about ten seconds. After doing it, do the same to the other side. Perform this routine for about five to eight times for each side of the knees.

Side Kicks. Sidekicks are effective knee exercises because they keep the structures adjacent and internal to the knees move the areas which it barely makes use of. Stand behind a chair and make use of the back rests of the chair as support. Raise each of your leg about three to five inches above the ground holding it suspended for about five seconds. Do the same to the other leg and perform ten times in both sides.

Knee Squeeze. Lay flat on the ground and make sure your soles are flat on the floor. Take a soft pillow and place it in between your knees. Squeeze the pillows in between your knees and hold it for about five seconds. Release the pillow and do the same for ten sequences.

Tiptoes. Stand behind a chair and hold the back rests as support. Stand with a straight back and tiptoe, as if imitating a ballerina’s pointed feet. Do this one leg at a time and hold the tiptoed feet for five seconds. Do the same to the other feet and repeat it for ten sequences. You can also perform the same exercise while seated on a chair to prevent too much pressure.

These are the five most popular knee exercises which can help prevent occurrence of knee disorders and speed up recovery of knee injuries in case one has contracted it.



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