Top Causes of Age Spots

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Seeing brown spots in your face can be a psychologically and socially concerning. Our face is our outward reflection, the appearance which the public sees. Everyone can have first impressions based on one’s appearance and how one carries himself or herself. Brown spots, however common they may be, is still a big problem most especially if you are the type of person who is vain and very particular about his or her face.

While there are a lot of causes which can result to the appearance of these brown spots, many people correlate such “marks” as a sign of aging. It is true that with aging, brown spots can appear but it is NOT exclusive for aging people. In fact, younger generation can have these brown spots on face. There are many causes of brown spots on face and it varies from person to person. Here are common reasons why brown spots on face do appear.

What Causes Brown Spots on Face?

Aging. Needless to say, aging causes a lot of changes in our body and appearance, and most of these changes are not advantageous. With aging, we lose our skin’s tonicity, health and ability to regenerate effectively. Once we age, there is no assurance that the skin we had when were young will still be the type of skin we will develop. This gives rise to the appearance of brown spots as a result of skin impurities, inability to grow the original complexion of the skin, etc.

Pregnancy. In pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes take place inside the woman’s body. The fluctuating amounts of estrogen, progesterone and many other hormones may lead to the development of these “masks of pregnancy”.

Hormonal Changes/ Menopause. The reason why aging leads to the development of brown spots is because menopause can also lead to the decline in the amount of hormones. This is also the reason why these brown spots are more obvious and pronounced among women, unlike men.

Stress and Depression. Our skin also responds to our emotional outbursts and psyche. When we feel down, our skin will also react accordingly. Soon enough, you will notice the appearance of blemishes, spots, acne, etc.

Proper Hygiene. Most of all, these brown spots wouldn’t appear easily if you are a person who keeps caution in maintaining proper hygiene especially in the face.

Treatments for Brown Spots on Face

The use of laser is probably the quickest way of getting rid of these brown spots on face. The face is exposed to an intense beam and this destroys the unhealthy cells which usually cause these brown spots on face. It is a very quick and easy procedure however, it is quite expensive. Furthermore, you have to undergo several sessions to completely get rid of these brown spots on face.

Chemical Treatment and the use of Lightening Creams are also effective means of removing these spots, however, these procedures do take time, unlike that of laser treatment. There are also home remedies which you can employ if you prefer an all natural and non-chemical means of removing these brown spots.




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