Top Causes of Hemorrhoids

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Considering only the medically diagnosed and consulted with cases of hemorrhoids, it is safe to conclude that hemorrhoids is a common occurrence among people at a worldwide pace. I have made the distinction “medically diagnosed” since there are more cases which are not diagnosed and consulted with a physician. Thus, people suffering from these undiagnosed hemorrhoids just keep the condition to themselves—probably due to the stigma that usually come along with the disclosure of such condition.

What Is Hemorrhoids?

Technically speaking, hemorrhoids refer to the inflammation of the vascular anal strictures where fecal matter passes through during defecation. There are two forms of hemorrhoids—the internal type and the external type. What we usually see or hear about is the external type of hemorrhoids. The difference between both classifications is obvious based on how they are being called. The former being located inside the anal cavity, while the latter being found outside the anal canal.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids may include, among others, pain and discomfort during defecation. Bleeding may also occur during defecation, as well as even during normal activities. The most dangerous complication of hemorrhoids is a possible thrombosis and necrosis of the affected area. In order to prevent such occurrence, it is important to know what causes hemorrhoids and how can we prevent it from happening.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Ineffective Bowel Habits. Most commonly, what causes hemorrhoids are poor bowel habits or ineffective methods of eliminating. Included in this certain cause is irregular bowel movement, or failure to develop a regular time in defecating. Failure to have a common time in defecating may lead to controlling one’s urge and postponing the urge until such time that defecating can be done conveniently.

Also, part of this cause is too much straining during bowel movement. Too much straining can put on too much pressure to the anal strictures.

Pregnancy and Delivery. Due to the pressure and straining that a woman exerts during labor, pregnancy and delivery is considered as one of the reasons as to what causes hemorrhoids. Also, the pressure that the passing fetus can exert on the perineum of the mother can cause bleeding, trauma and inflammation of the anal canal.

Constipation and Diarrhea. Although completely opposite in nature, both of these common GI disorders can cause hemorrhoids. In terms of constipation, it is undeniable how it can lead to hemorrhoids. What causes hemorrhoids in constipation is the pressure of the hard and formed stool in the linings of the anus. With regard to diarrhea, the forceful motion of the stool and oftentimes, projectile outward shift causes the anal strictures to be traumatized. Also, the contents of the stool in a person with diarrhea may be acidic and corrode the linings of the anus.

Steering clear from what causes hemorrhoids is an easy task. Generally speaking, an excellent and healthy defecation habit will prevent the development of an anal hemorrhoid. Secondly, eating nutritious and colon-friendly foods will lessen the chances of suffering from constipation and other colon-related conditions which may predispose a person in developing hemorrhoids.



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