Top Kidney Stone Symptoms for Women to Watch For

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Women are prone to many urinary tract diseases—most especially UTI or urinary tract infection. This can be due to the very short urethra that women have; as well as the manner by which women clean their perineal area. However, it is not just UTI which many women suffer from—women are also prone to develop kidney stones. While men are more prone in developing this disease several years back, the graph is becoming less skewed now as the number of women suffering from kidney stones is becoming more prevalent.

Kidney stone symptoms for women are similar to those of men. There are some differences but since the disease has one specific course, signs and symptoms of kidney stone in both sexes are hardly delineated.

Sudden and Shooting Pain In the Back/ Groin Area

These are easy and common kidney stone symptoms for women. When the stone inside the kidney exerts pressure or lacerates on the kidney walls, the pain symptom becomes more pronounced. Many people find relief in certain positions like lying on one side, flat on the floor, etc. This type of pain is usually referred to as renal colic.

Burning Sensation and Pain upon Urination

When we pass out urine, the stones inside the kidney have the tendency to go with the direction where urine flows. Also, when pieces or fragments of stones pass through our ureter and urethra, these kidney stone symptoms for women become more pronounced and excruciating. This burning sensation is also due to the irritation of kidney tissues such that when urine passes, the acidic content of urine makes contact with the irritated tissues.

Blood Present in the Urine

Identifying whether the blood that is in your urine is part of menstruation or not is important…thus it is advisable to check the color and smell of your urine if your period is over. One of the common kidney stone symptoms for women is the presence of blood in the urine.

This occurs because the stone can irritate and wound the surrounding areas where it is deposited. As such blood can ooze from the veins or capillaries in the kidneys leading to the presence of blood in the urine.

Smelly Aroma of Urine

The aroma of urine may resemble that of pus which may indicate infection. Remember our kidney filters all toxins and dirt in our blood so when these toxins come in contact with the area of kidney damaged by these kidney stones, infection may take place. Your urine may also appear cloudy; however this is not an accurate symptom that will point out to kidney stones as this can also happen in people with UTI.

Kidney stones can be dangerous and may damage our kidneys in the long run when unmanaged. As prevention, it is best to become aware of the early signs and symptoms of this disease to prevent the wrath that can come along with the disease. Our kidneys are very important as they are always at work 24/7. More than being watchful of these symptoms, we have to take care of our kidneys by avoiding activities and lifestyle choices that lead to kidney diseases.




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