Top Natural Treatment for Cold Sores

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The night before your highly anticipated wedding—putting on the best creams and moisturizers is a must to ensure that the next day, no zits will appear and your skin will look like porcelain as you face your groom and your guests… but what if as you face your mirror in the morning, you find yourself looking a cold sore in your lips?

Eeeeekkkk! You may even wake your neighbors with your shriek! A cold sore is definitely something one wouldn’t want to have—especially on a big day like this!

Cold sores affect both the adults and children. Cold sores are characterized by fluid-filled lesions which usually occur at the lip area. Cold sores are also referred to as fever blisters and are caused by herpes simplex virus, one of the strains of viruses which cause sores and lesions in the human body. Preventing cold sores and treating them properly is important in order to lessen the frequency of the occurrence of this condition.

Antiviral Medications

As what has been mentioned, cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Viruses which means antiviral medications are the ideal drugs which are considered as treatment for cold sores. These medications will help hasten the healing of the cold sores and reduce the pain and discomfort brought about by the virus.

Topical Ointments

Ointments are helpful treatments for cold sores because they will moisturize the affected area and prevent cracking and bleeding, most especially if the cold sores are located in the lips. Also, these topical ointments may also contain anti-inflammatory properties which will lessen the soreness and pain of these cold sores.

Cold Compress

Cold sores will always present with pain and tingling sensation on the affected area. Ice is a known method of numbing nerve endings, thus ice cubes are excellent treatments for cold sore.

Avoid Scratching and Touching the Sores

Our hands are one of the most unsterile areas of our body since we touch everything with it. As such, we must avoid touching and scratching the cold sores to avoid irritation and further infection. More than that, it will prevent further spread of the virus which may lead to multiplication of cold sores.

Oral Hygiene

Cleaning your lips and mouth with warm water and mild soap in order to prevent the multiplication of viruses are effective treatments for cold sores. Also, using personal utensils like spoon and fork, glasses, etc can be effective in preventing further spread of viruses.

Cold sores are loathed by many because it can ruin one’s look and can make one conscious each time he or she faces the public. Since cold sores are caused by viruses, these are self limiting and will definitely clear up in a week or so. However, discomforts associated with cold sores will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and prickly. Making use of these treatments for cold sores will provide relief and speed up the healing of these cold sores on your much cared-for lips.





  1. When I suffer cold and sore I drink non-citrus fluids because it helps cold and sore to heel faster. I don’t be over sensitive about my cold and sore, because it can be triggered by stress. Cold and sore is no doubt painful but if we apply ice on affected area it gives us relaxation.

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