Top Remedies for Constipation

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Who loves constipation? Well nobody does—unless you are a masochist who loves to hurt yourself even through the way you defecate! Constipation is global concern and it affects people of all ages. With constipation, a person will feel pain and difficulty of defecating, and in most cases, elimination is very irregular.

What Happens With Constipation?

A constipated person is not only one who finds it hard to defecate, or if the stool consistency is rock-like. You can also be considered constipated if you have been unable to defecate at least thrice a week. Constipation happens due to the inability of our intestines to efficiently break down the digested food into smooth and easily passable stool.

Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

A person with constipation will often feel the urge to defecate but once he or she sits in the toilet, nothing happens. Constipation may also happen to kids and infants. As for kids, they will cry upon seeing a toilet bowl due to the pain and discomfort that they can associate with it. Also, they will tend to control their urge to defecate and refuse to do the same.

As for infants, they will often cry due to their inability and discomfort while passing out stool. It is also a common thing to see small amounts of poop in their diaper, and the consistency of which is hard. Relief from constipation is important and here are several ways by which you can counter the effects of constipation and prevent it from reoccurring:

Maintain an Active Lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, the intestines as well all other organs are stimulated to function. We are all aware that the intestines move through peristaltic actions in order to properly digest and breakdown food particles. A stagnant person, one who sits on the couch for the majority of day’s hours, has a less active intestinal motility than those who exercise like walking, jogging or those who perform aerobics.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods. Fiber sweeps away the contents of our intestines making it one of the best constipation remedies. Apart from that, it provides bulk to our stool making it less compact and concentrated. A less compacted form of stool is definitely easier to pass and eliminate. Furthermore, fiber also gets rid of the toxic substances and chemicals inside our stool making our colon healthier than ever.

Drink Plenty of Water. Water is the universal—this principle also applies to constipation. Water is one of those effective constipation remedies that one can get without any cost. Drink the adequate amount of water to make sure your stool will be softer and much easier to pass out.

Make A Routine For Passing Out Stool. Getting yourself to sit on the toilet at a specific time will help you develop a habit of regularly defecating. This will greatly add to your list of constipation remedies.

Take Laxatives and Stool Softeners. Laxatives, although these should be considered the last resort in getting constipation remedies, is also efficient in keeping your stools soft and less straining to eliminate.



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