Top Symptoms for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids can be very discomforting—no person with sane mind will attempt to debunk this notion. The reason why hemorrhoids are becoming loathed by many is because of the pain and discomfort that it brings to a person. It is embarrassing and with people knowing that you have hemorrhoids—it will feel like social suicide.

How Hemorrhoids Happen?

Hemorrhoids happen as a result of too much strain in the anal tissues—this may happen when one in commonly constipated, or if one is fond of exerting too much pressure each time he or she defecates. What happens with hemorrhoids is that when the anal tissues are subject to too much constant pressure, the veins in it will inflame and swell. Because of this swelling, pain and bleeding become very persistent, most especially if you are defecating or even while urinating.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two forms of hemorrhoids—external and internal. Based on how they are called, we can conclude that external hemorrhoids are those that are located in the outer anal region. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are those that are located inside the anus.

Various treatment methods for hemorrhoids are available today but before we get into the details of treating hemorrhoids, it is important to be aware of the common symptoms for hemorrhoids and why they happen.

Symptoms for Hemorrhoids

Blood in the Stool or In the Undies

Since the blood vessels in the anal area are dilated and highly vascular. They have the tendency to bleed leading to one of the core symptoms for hemorrhoids. Anal bleeding can occur anytime, most especially when the hemorrhoids are exerted with pressure, i.e. during defecation. Therefore, you will notice blood while you defecate. Bleeding may also persist onwards in such a way that you will notice blood even in your pants or underwear if the bleeding is profuse.

Itchiness of the Anal Area

This is attributed to the irritation of the anal area affected with hemorrhoids. Since the hemorrhoids are exposed to air and also, these hemorrhoids are located in the moist areas of the body, bacterial and fungal growth is very much possible. This can lead to the drying, flaking and itchiness of the anal area.

Pain in the Anus Especially Upon Defecation

No doubt that a person with hemorrhoid will find it very hard and excruciating to defecate. This is because more pressure and force is put upon the area with hemorrhoids. Pain upon defecation is one of the most pronounced symptoms for hemorrhoids. Moreover, this pain will not terminate once the person finishes defecating as the soreness will persist several minutes or hours even after eliminating.

Feeling of Fullness Even After Defecation

This common symptom for hemorrhoid also happens to almost everyone suffering with hemorrhoids. After defecating, there is still the urge to defecate—even though there’s nothing left to eliminate. This is just an effect of the inflamed hemorrhoid that feels like stool inside your anus.

These are the most common symptoms for hemorrhoids and make sure you seek medical help to remedy these problems.




  1. OK, I know the symptoms only too well. I’ve been stuck with all of them for over 2 years now and wonder whether they are ever going to go away. I still blame the powerful antibiotics that I had to beat pneumonia immediately before all this started.

    Doctors say eat fiber and don’t spend so long on the toilet which is not entirely practical

    Doctors don’t seem to want to know and I get the impression they look at me as lazy or silly. NOBODY is lazy when they have piles. How much bloody fiber do I have to eat, I’m downing jacket potatoes, beans broccoli, sweetcorn apples bananas, what am I doing wrong.

    For me I spend an average of 30 mins on the toilet and it never feels enough. If I stop earlier then my hemorrhoids remain external which is extremely uncomfortable and I have an overwhelming urge to revisit the toilet which is intolerable. If I don’t push significantly then nothings coming out which when it does is triangular. I really don’t care about the pain suffered as long as there is movement, that is the discomfort I’m going through. The only clue I have that a cycle has finished is when I’m spilling blood and quite often it takes 3 flushes to get rid of the red tint it leaves behind. 4 days later I’m go through it all again!

    The only thing I’ve found that can help is to steady myself in such a way that I don’t have to use my back to support me. E.g leaning against the sink in a small toilet for instance or bracing my arms against the wall radiator and the bath top. I can then relax enough muscle to get some kind of movement without too much force.

    Hygiene is another battle, I have so many piles that I have to use a tonne of toilet paper to clean up and again this tends to cause bleeding. This is also a problem when using public toilets that provide Black and Decker toilet roll if there is any and because us Brits don’t seem to know how to use toilets they are normally in a horrible state.

    Creams; yes there are creams and they do help but for me they are difficult to apply as I’m packed real tight with piles, the nozzle may as well be a dagger.

    On top off this is all the stress you go through which is not mentioned on the site but should be. Because of the time on the toilet work colleagues tend to think you’re napping, some take the piss out of you, tell others of your toilet habits and in some cases start sweep stakes or clap when you come out. Basically the last thing you need when you’ve currently going though hell. Even your friends find it strange and can give you grief. I can’t even discuss the problem with anybody in the company I work for because I know it will get to HR which has somebody who has demonstrated several times a complete disregard for discretion. Plans quite often go out the window because of a reduced lack of control over toilet visits. Oh and don’t forget all the other stresses life has to offer.

    To be honest I’m at a stage where I’m feeling rebellious about this condition and have considered suicide a number of times. Why should I have to go though this, What have I done to deserve it. How am I ever going to be able to have a relationship with this interrupting things all the time with the toilet visits and constant wind etc. Maybe I should reject this hand, it’s shit!!! There has to be a better hand than this.

    Whether I’d be able to go through with it, I don’t know and the thought of putting my Mother and Father through the turmoil it would inevitably cause is difficult to contemplate and the last thing I would wish but I’m not sure how much more of this I’m prepared to put up with. Why should I put up with it.

  2. Hang in there Chris, you are not alone, things WILL get better. You need to stop straining or else it will take so much longer to heal. Also dont use toilet paper, makes things worse, instead take a shower right after having a BM.
    Drink lots of water too.

    Best wishes

  3. anonymous says:

    Chris, suicide isn’t the answer. Talk to your doctor about surgery. Tell him it has gotten so bad that you are considering suicide.

  4. Though is old I hope Chris is ok! I no that feeling of wanting to give up all to well. Im dealing with almost the same symptoms and its frustrating all the way. its been 7 Weeks now of dealing with constant rectum pressure and no relief I cry everyday I just don’t know what else to do, I’ve been to 3 GI all said something different and none helped. I’ve had endoscopy, colonoscopy, pelvic sonogram, abdominal sonogram…everything Ok! Thank Goodness! But what’s the problem? Yet noone knows and people arent very sympathetic the try and make you believe its in your head. I was told ro take probiotics, exercise, drink water, high fiber and was given Lactulose… and now just yesterday given Hydrocortisone Suppository Still feel the same!

  5. Try acupuncture! Also, gentle exercise in genera (avoid running/ pounding), and specific exercises where you pull up on your anal sphinctor from inside as you exhale and relax as you inhale.. do this for several minutes 2-3x/ day.This along w/ healthy diet, avoid straining.. try herbal tea – Smooth Move… and buy baby wipes for wiping when you can’t shower.

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