Top Symptoms of Stomach Flu

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Stomach Flu is just another petty term for viral gastroenteritis, however, as petty as it may sound to some people, the effects of stomach flu, especially when unmanaged can be fatal and life threatening. Before everything else, let us first have a brief primer on what stomach flu is. Stomach flu is a common condition most especially among children and infants; in fact, it is the second most common disease in the US causing vomiting and diarrhea.

Stomach Flu 101

Viral gastroenteritis is basically an infection of the stomach and intestines caused by several types of viruses. This certain condition gives rise to landmark signs and symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. The reason why it leads to such symptoms is primarily because these viruses infiltrate the linings of the cells in our stomach and intestines. As they infiltrate the cells, they also damage them subsequently leading to the leakage of fluids into the stomach and intestines. These fluids then aggravate vomiting and diarrhea.

Causes of Stomach Flu

Stomach flu can be very contagious most especially among children in schools, day care centers and nurseries. The reason for this is that kids have the tendency to share foods, drinks, beverages and the like. They also tend to put anything into their mouths leading such infection.

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Diarrhea. As mentioned earlier on, diarrhea is one of the most common stomach flu symptoms. Diarrhea can be attributed to the leakage of fluids from the intestinal and stomach lining. Also, these viruses tend to irritate the GI tract leading to the tendency of the intestine to thwart these viruses out. One way of expelling these viruses is through diarrhea. Diarrhea is also watery and may occur several times in a day or even several times an hour.

Vomiting. The same reason is also true for vomiting. Viral toxins incite our vomit center to function in order to let these viruses and toxins out of the system. Vomiting is also persistent and like diarrhea, it may show traces of blood due to the damage and irritation of the lining.

Weakness and Fatigue. This is brought about by the loss of essential fluids and electrolytes which provide our body energy. In this connection, drinking enough fluids and electrolyte containing beverages and foods is very significant.

Loss of Appetite. Loss of appetite may occur since introducing foods into the stomach may aggravate vomiting and diarrhea. Also a person may feel bloated and full.

Other common stomach flu symptoms include:

-      abdominal pain and cramps;

-      lethargy, in case of too much loss of body fluids;

-      high grade fever,

-      abdominal swelling,

-      cold and clammy skin,

-      feeling of extreme thirst,

-      loss of skin turgor due to dehydration.

Stomach flu need is treated symptomatically therefore, treatments depend on the symptoms manifesting. Stomach flu is a viral infection and as expected, it will resolve on its own in a few days time.

Among all else mentioned, it is very important to promote hygienic lifestyle in order to prevent the development and spread of this condition.



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