Treating Constipation the Natural Way

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Perhaps for a constipated person, the mere sight or smell of a bathroom will make him or her feel disgust and pain! This is because constipation is a very difficult and irritating phenomenon. Many people suffer from constipation—in fact millions of cases are diagnosed each year in the US—that does not include yet the cases of those who keep the condition to themselves and those who self-medicate.

Risk Factors For Constipation?

Constipation is a worldwide phenomenon and this can be caused by a various factors. First is the type of food that you eat—are you fond of processed foods and those rich in fats and cholesterols? Or are you not a fan of fruit vegetables? Constipation may also be attributed by physical activity and lifestyle. If you each passing day sitting or sleeping in your couch, chances are, you are most likely to suffer from constipation. Hydration is another key element in preventing constipation—the more water we drink, the higher the chances of experiencing a smooth passage of stool.

Dangers of Constipation?

Although it may seem like a condition which one need not worry about—constipation may actually be very threatening most especially if a person has been unable to pass out stool for more than a week. The amount of stool inside the colon can lead to infection and contamination of the intestinal walls and adjacent organs.

Many treatments for constipation are available, however, most people, upon feeling constipated will immediately resort to taking laxatives and bowel stimulants. This is a dangerous practice, however, because prolonged use of laxatives can rob the colon of its natural peristaltic ability. As such, the colon will be dependent on the use of laxatives. Here are the initial forms of treatment which will usually be employed before taking laxatives and other drugs:

Exercise and Active Lifestyle. Exercising for at least one hour twice or thrice a week is a great treatment for constipation. You may wonder how it affects your passage of stool. Our intestinal walls are made of muscles which move whenever there are foods that it needs to breakdown and digest. When we live a sedentary lifestyle—something which does not enable us to move about and sweat can lead to a less than normal movement of the colon. As such, it is equally important to stimulate the movement of the colon with the help of regular exercise.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables. Nothing beats this diet. In fact, all resources about treatment for constipation will most likely contain this duo diet. Fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones, contain a good amount of fiber necessary to keep our stools bulked up, rather than being impacted. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that can boost our immune system.

Daily Dose of Yogurt. Eating yogurt in a daily basis is very important in keeping a healthy digestive system and is an effective treatment for constipation. Yogurt contains good bacteria which will promote the proper functioning of our digestive organs.

Making sure you include these things on your treatment for constipation plan is an effective way of avoiding those painful and irritating moments while seated on the toilet.



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