Treating Hemorrhoids At Home

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So you have hemorrhoids—and you have chosen a confidential and personal approach in treating this condition… without the help of a physician. Well—we cannot blame people for this notion and perception towards hemorrhoids because indeed, telling someone that you are suffering from hemorrhoids can be very awkward and can cross one’s personal borders. This is the reason why many people with hemorrhoids are left undiagnosed because most of them keep it on their own.

Why Do I Suffer From Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids occur as a result of excessive strain and pressure to the anal tissues. Like any other body tissues, these contain blood vessels. These blood vessels react with too much pressure and force—thus they tend to inflame, swell and in many cases, they tend to bleed. When they swell and lead to such discomforts, they become what we call hemorrhoids.

Are There Hemorrhoids Home Treatment I Can Use?

But what if you are really not the type who will confess everything to the physician? Are there treatment options available to you? Well definitely, there are still things which you can do to address these hemorrhoids using these hemorrhoids home treatment techniques. These hemorrhoids home treatment methods are not a hundred percent guarantee and are not failsafe treatment for hemorrhoids. They only aim to help people with hemorrhoids get relief from the discomforts related to such disease.

Aloe Vera Gel/ Juice. Aloe vera has an excellent healing property. The rich protein component in either aloe vera juice or gels can promote timely healing of hemorrhoids. More than that, aloe vera has a soothing property which means it can lessen the pain and inflammation of the hemorrhoids making it one of the best hemorrhoids home treatment. Aloe vera capsules can be taken, otherwise, fresh aloe vera can be sliced to get the flesh and it can dabbed into the area. Do not forget to rinse properly.

Honey. Apart from being a sweet substance and its use on foods and desserts, honey can also be used in hemorrhoids home treatment. Honey has a healing effect, and more than that, it has antibacterial properties. As such, it can prevent the infestation of microorganisms, if not limit their growth and spread in the anal region. You can place honey on a clean cotton and dab it into the affected area. Do not forget to rinse properly.

Garlic. Just like honey, garlic also has antibacterial effects. It can lessen the inflammation and pain of hemorrhoids. Garlic has an enzyme called allicin that can help speed up healing of wounds and has antibacterial properties, too. To do this, you may crush several cloves of garlic and make sure the juice gets in contact with the hemorrhoids. Use a cotton for hygienic purposes. Do not forget to rinse properly.

Fiber Diet. A high fiber diet is an effective hemorrhoids home treatment because it allows easy passage of stool into the anus, thus, there is lesser pressure and force as a person defecates.

There are countless hemorrhoids home treatment that you can employ but like what has been mentioned earlier, it is always best to seek medical professionals who are well-trained in approaching such conditions.



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