Treatment Options For People With Hemorrhoids

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When we hear about hemorrhoids—what we can initially think of is pain and discomfort especially during elimination of wastes… and that is TRUE! Hemorrhoids can be very annoying and discomforting for a person. Apart from that, knowledge of other people about you having hemorrhoids can lessen your self esteem! This makes the condition less consulted to and diagnosed by physicians at a global level owing to the fact that many people may feel shy about it.

One overwhelming fact about hemorrhoids is that this condition, in varying degrees, affects about half of all people in the US by the age of 50. Hemorrhoids occur most commonly due to straining. When a person strains, the veins around the anal orifice dilate and may possibly bleed. With the presence of hemorrhoids pain during defecation and bleeding may occur and this should be consulted to a qualified doctor for remedy and intervention.

Hot Sitz Bath. A hot sitz bath includes sitting in a basin with warm water for about 15-20 minutes and should be done at least thrice a day and is considered one of the most common treatments for hemorrhoids. Doing this will relieve the discomfort brought about by these hemorrhoids by lessening the inflammation and vascularity of the veins in such areas.  Remember to wipe off the affected area and keep it dry after this procedure to prevent itching and irritation. Application of hemorrhoid creams is best done after drying.

Hemorrhoid Creams. As mentioned above, putting on hemorrhoid creams are known treatments for hemorrhoids. These creams have pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects thereby lessening the soreness and pain of the area. These creams are available in the drug stores upon prescription of the physician.

Stool Softeners or Laxatives. One aspect which physicians will look into in the treatment of hemorrhoids is preventing further damage and pressure to the affected area. This can be carried out by promoting the stool’s softness and easy passage. Stool softeners like laxatives are best remedies for a softer stool and lesser chances of straining.

Dietary Modifications. Treatments for hemorrhoids may also include modifying one’s diet in order to prevent the stool from being too hard to be passed out. Increasing fluid intake will definitely soften the stool, and taking in more dietary fiber will promote a finer means of eliminating the stool. By keeping a soft and manageable elimination manner, pressure on the hemorrhoids due to constipation may be avoided.  

Surgery. In very severe cases, surgical interventions may be necessary in order to sever the hemorrhoids and prevent the tissues from dying and affecting the adjacent areas. This procedure is referred to as hemorrhoidectomy.  This is a procedure which will be performed via regional anesthesia and will require the patient to be confined for several days succeeding the procedure.

Hemorrhoids can be very disheartening and getting treatments for hemorrhoids the earliest period possible can lead to effective and timely recovery from the said condition. Do not be embarrassed in discussing this condition with a physician because definitely, this will be kept in the strictest confidence. Now you can live a healthy and pain-free life!



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