Turmeric Extracts—It’s Effects on Post-Heart Surgery Patients

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A recent research from Thailand recommends that the extracts from the turmeric spice, which is popular for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features, might aid in warding off the heart attacks in individuals who have had recent bypass operation. At times of the bypass surgery, the muscles of the heart can be damaged from the long time lack of flow of blood, augmenting the risk of heart attacks in patients. The recent results recommend that curcumins – a yellow pigment found in turmeric might be capable to ease those threats when further added to the conventional drug treatment.

However the conclusion is based on a particularly small group of participants and the needs to be confirmed in extensive research ahead all patients of the bypass surgery rush out to get the extracts out, the investigators said.

Conducting the research:

It is extremely motivating, says one of the investigators who was not directly involved with the recent research. He says that the research has recommended that inflammation plays an imperative role in the progress of an assortment of diseases, including the heart disease. The curcumins might even have an outcome on those pathways. However this is the initial rigorous, regulated research to support that idea. The investigators studied 121 consecutive patients who underwent the non-emergency bypass operation, at the hospital amid 2009-2011.

Approximately half of the patients were given capsules of 1 gram of curcumin and were asked to take 4 times every day, starting 3 days ahead their procedure and continuing for 5 days following. The other half patients took the similar number of capsules which were drug free placebos. The research also showed that though there are no much side effects of curcumin, yet if consumed in larger quantity might have certain side effects.



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