U.S. FDA Panel Founds that A Contraceptive Patch Contains Clot Risk

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Family planning is the concept being forwarded now by the government and many health related organizations because of the increasing number of individuals that is added to the population. Statistics shows that the number of individuals in a specific locality already over seeds the amount of space available to accommodate such number of individuals. In addition, scarce of resources can be a foreseeable problem because of too many people trying to share among the limited resources.

As a response to these problems, many family planning measures and strategies have been discovered such as the use of contraceptive medications which is in various forms such as the pills, tablets, capsules, gels, and even patches. However, there are certain researches claiming that some of these contraceptive strategies can cause harm and certain health risk among those individuals using it.

Recently, United States Food and Drug Administration reported that a specific contraceptive patch known as the Ortho Evra is actually associated to an increase risk of developing blood clots among women who uses it as compared to those women who are catering other methods of contraception. However, there are still no recommendations that these drugs should be removed in the drug stores.

Although there is certain health risk discovered from the use of this birth control patch, the panel believed that the use of these patch remains significant among those young women. Since 2001 when the patch was first approved, it was noted that the use of the aid patch had been the most suitable method of birth control among young women. Hence, this resulted to the decision of the panel that the labeling that is present in the patch should be updated in order to relay to the women proper information regarding the increase risk of blood clots.

Moreover, recent study conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration regarding the increase risk of blood clots from the use of these birth control patches revealed that there those women who uses the Ortho Evra had about 50 per cent heightened risk for clots as compared to those women who are actually using other forms of birth control methods such as pills. But, the scientists who conducted the study said that the data were not conclusive, thus, further studies must be conducted in order to validate the data.





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