U.S. Study: Causes of Stillbirth

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Every pregnant women should be given be given special care which necessitates taking into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and other aspects the human being. Certain precautions and limitations should be followed among women who are pregnant because these precautions can help them have a wonderful pregnancy and birthing experiences. However, there are some mothers who are not given the pre-natal care that they need because of other factors such as lack of health centers where these women can go in order to consult about their pregnancy. Hence, this can lead to complications of pregnancy which can put great deal of discomfort and harm not only to the mother, but most especially to the baby.

Recently, according to a new U.S. study, the most common causes of stillbirth among women are complications of pregnancy such as alterations with the placenta and preterm labor.

Stillbirth is a condition in which the fetus which is dies during birth or during the last half period of pregnancy. This is caused by multiple factors such as birth defects, chromosome abnormalities, and medical conditions of the mother. A woman who is suspected of having a stillbirth should be given immediate medical intervention.

The pair of studies which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association delved on the most often causes of still birth incidences. The new study involved the analysis and evaluation of data gathered from about 500 women who are pregnant from about 5 states in order to determine probable causes of stillbirth. Upon the examination of data, researchers found out that the most prevalent causes of stillbirth among the pregnant women examined is problems that occur with the placenta amounting to about 26 per cent of cases.

Placenta has a very vital and significant role for the growth and development f the fetus. The placenta serves as a barrier which provides a pathway for the fetus to receive nutrients and blood supply from the mother and remove wastes products.

In addition, researchers found out that another cause of stillbirth is infection which caused about 14 to 19 per cent of the cases. This was followed by other fetal abnormalities which caused about 10 per cent of the incidences of stillbirths.

Moreover, according to Uma Reddy, one of the study authors, Reddy said: “Greater availability of medical evaluation of stillborn infants, particularly autopsy, placental exam and karyotype (chromosomal analysis), would provide information to better understand the causes of stillbirth.” Further researches should be conducted in order to have a deeper understanding on this health issue.




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