Unsuccessful Drug Trial for Merck, Sharp and Dohme

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One of the largest pharmaceutical companies known in the word is the Merck & Co., Inc, also known as Merck Sharp & Dohme or MSD. It is one of the seven biggest pharmaceutical companies both by market capitalization and revenue all over the world nowadays. It researches, discovers, improves and develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of pharmaceutical products to contribute to the progress of both human and animal health.

On the other hand, anti-coagulants or anti-clotting drugs are those agents that prevent blood clots build up. It has several uses. Some of which is for prophylactic or preventive use to any thromboembolitic (thrombi means clots while an emboli are freely moving clots) illnesses. Anti-coagulants are also used in the treatment of the said disorder. In addition to that, it is also used as solution for preservation of whole blood and blood products. One of the common and known examples of anti-coagulant medication is heparin and vitamin K. Excessive use or not monitored dosage intake of anti coagulant drugs may lead to serious bleeding and if not properly address, it can cause hemorrhage (extreme loss of circulating blood in the body).

Recent findings regarding the trial of the newly developed product, specifically an anti-clotting drug, of Merck Pharmaceutical Company had failed. It is supposedly aiming in preventing different heart ailments, strokes, blood vessel disorders and any cases related to the clogging of arteries. Angina pectoris or severe chest pain as well as myocardial infarction (death of heart tissues) is also included in the different diseases that this drug is supposed to prevent and treat. The drug, vorapaxar, (vor-uh-PACKS’-ar), rendered no significant benefit when it was added to standard medicines in a study of 13,000 patients around the world. In fact, it was found out to increase the risk of serious bleeding. Instead of the expected desired effect of the anti-clotting drug, it turned out to be the opposite of which. Merck’s official representative said that “results due out early next year from another large study testing the drug in different types of patients, will tell more about its potential”. Sunday at an American Heart Association conference in Florida, the results of the said anti-coagulant drug study were discussed and released.

Indeed that pharmaceutical testing, research and study is a critical activity that every pharmaceutical company goes through in each drug product they will be realizing in to the public. One false result, they will start the process all over again since it will entail life in the future.




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