Upsurge of Hypertension Cases Known In Canada

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With the kind of sedentary lifestyle that are being practiced by almost all of the people worldwide, it is not shocking to know that life-style related illness also come into rise. The less exercise, more eating, less outdoor works, more office and in-house activities, less body movement chores, more convenient ways equals disruption of body balance. No wonder that the shifts from morbidity and mortality rate of communicable diseases are now decreased than the degenerative diseases suffered by many.

Included in the paradigm shift is the increase in the number of people having hypertension or high blood pressure. This is seen by many as not threatful condition for the signs and symptoms are not that abrupt but rather slow arising. In Canada, the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) reported that almost one quarter of the adults is prospected to have hypertension by the year 2012 and 2013. The study focused on the 26 million adults aged 20 years and over between 1998 and 2007/08 to establish the number of both old and new (incidence and prevalence) cases in the country. The date used id from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System (CCDSS) that has the records of the patients that consulted medically in some health care facilities. Ms. Cynthia Robitaille, Public Health Agency of Canada, and her colleagues expressed that if the new cases and the mortality rates will not be changed, there will be 26.5% or about 7.4 million of Cnadian citizens will be having hypertension in the next year or two. Also, through this study, it was found out that women aging 60 and above are diagnosed to be having hypertension than males of the same age.

Without the knowledge of some, hypertension is linked to many deadly diseases like stroke, aneurysm (rupturing of blood vessel that can lead to hemorrhage), renal diseases as well as eye problems. It is a condition wherein the force of pressure exerted in the vessel walls tends to so high with several interconnected factors like sedentary lifestyle, diet, vices, genetics and other medical conditions (e.g. diabetes). There are different means on how to prevent or control this condition. Diet modification (low fat, high calorie diet), lifestyle changes and proper exercise are the main line to those. Also, if the case needs medical intervention, there are several drugs that can help reduced occurrence of attack.

Meanwhile, the authors of the research recommends program on how to fight the increasing number of hypertension in Canada.



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