Cocaine – Hair test, blood and urine test

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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your Body?

Urine, blood and hair tests can reveal the presence of cocaine too in body similar to other drugs. These tests can detect cocaine’s presence from a period of few hours to months after taking cocaine. The period for which cocaine remains in the body in fact depends on factors like the dose, frequency, form, duration for which it was used, age, body mass and body’s metabolic rate.

Cocaine – urine test

Urine test can detect cocaine in urine in 4 to 8 hours following a nasal dose and about 24 hrs when injected or taken orally. Benzoylecgonine, one of cocaine’s breakdown product, can be found in urine for up to 50-60 hrs on using once and up to 22 days if used repeatedly. Some of the other metabolites that are found in urine on cocaine intake are cocaethylene and ecgonine methyl ester.

Cocaine – blood test

Though expensive, blood tests for cocaine detection in blood are reliable. It can detect cocaine in blood following a single dose in just few minutes or 5 to 6 hours.

Cocaine – hair test

An interesting fact about cocaine is that after getting in the body it appears in the hair within 8 hours and lasts for months until the hair is cut. However, the quantity of dose and the approximate time cannot be found by a hair test. Cocaine contaminates the hair from outside and stays there until the next haircut.

Cocaine – saliva Testing

Following a nasal, oral or intravenous administration of cocaine, the saliva can possibly detect the presence of cocaine.

Cocaine - Sweat Patch Test

These tests are usually done my non-medical personnel and not much reliable as most of these show a false positive report.

Are False Positive Results of Cocaine Tests Possible?

Though not proven yet, amoxicillin and lidocaine have been reported to cause false positive results for the presence of cocaine in body. Use of excessive tea and coffee, passive inhaling of cocaine and cocaine eye drops also show a positive urine test.

Are False Negative Results of Cocaine Tests Possible?

Drinking excess water and use of detox kits can lead to a negative result for cocaine tests. However, these adulterants can be detected by using special techniques.

General Notes about Cocaine Testing

A few more facts worth mentioning about cocaine tests are given below:

* Cocaine ‘detox kits’ are not capable enough to clean the hair from cocaine.
* Particular substances are added to change the results accordingly but these can be easily detected in the lab.
* Cocaine stays in the hair even after bleaching, coloring and shampooing of hair. These methods are just not competent enough for removing cocaine from hair.



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