US Lawsuits Flooded Against French Breast Implant Maker

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Other individuals, especially women, have this thing in their mind in which they are not satisfied with what they have as far as the body construction is concerned. This means that these individuals actually search for various methods which can forward their satisfaction by engaging into surgeries which can enhance their physical appearance such as those breast implants, butt implants, and botox. However, other researches claimed that allowing those implants to stay inside the body can have health detriments which can actually lead to a more serious health problem. Also, many incidences were reported wherein those individuals who underwent breast enhancements had problems with their breast that concerns pain and comfort.

In fact, recently, news about the dangerous breast implant which has been used for about more than 30,000 women appeared in the mainstream. The problem that is bothering the experts is not the act of having breast enhancement, but rather the use of the defective breast implant which can actually burst inside the women’s breast. The said breast implants were actually made with industrial silicone instead of the medical grade silicone which is used for breast enhancements. And today, the troubled French firm PIP, the firm that manufactured the said breast implants and once considered as the world’s third-largest producer of silicone implants, is now facing multiple lawsuits in the United States.

Until May 2000, the said breast implants were sold in the United States through the Heritage Worldwide. This was when the US Food and Drug Administration have actually approved and released a moratorium in which it allowed the use of silicone as implants for enhancement surgeries. In addition, the said firm had actually faced several lawsuits in the United States back in between the year 1996 and 2009. The lawsuits were launched in response to the breach of contract of the said firm which was filed by its business partners.

Moreover, back in the year 2003, there were already several lawsuits which have been launched against PIP. Women who are using the implants are the one filing the lawsuits because of product liability – mainly because of merchandise which are not appropriate for the intended use and purpose and violations of local consumer legislation. However, most of these lawsuits which have been launched against the PIP firm have been dismissed.





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