Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy Might Increase Breast Cancer Risk

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With breast cancer being considered as the number one form of malignancy that affects the women populations, many researchers and health care professionals are continuing to conduct further studies in order to have a deeper understanding about the disease process and in order to identify the major health risk factor of the said disease. By doing so, the general public can be warned about the things or events that they should be wary because of the possibilities that it is associated with the health risk for the development of breast cancer. In fact, many researches have determined contributory risk factors for the development of breast cancer, and one of these major risk factors which can predispose a person to the initiation of breast cancer is the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Recently, according to a new study, further evidence has been found that proves that hormone replacement therapy is actually associated with an increase risk of developing breast cancer. The study sets in when there was a rise in the number of women who are using hormonal replacement therapy to treat symptoms of menopause.

The new study will appears in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

The new study which was conducted by the McMaster University researchers involved the analysis and evaluation of data from the findings of many previous researches which include the United States Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study of 2002. The said study in the year 2002 included the examination of the increase in number of incidences wherein many women were actually going into hospitals and were diagnosed of having breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Researchers found out that the incidences are predominantly observable among women who are actually into hormone replacement therapy.

Moreover, in the current study, the researchers conducted evaluation of the findings of the previous studies which delved on the analysis of association between hormonal replacement therapy and incidences of women who had breast cancer. Upon analysis of data, the investigators discovered that in those countries where there were actually increase in the rates of the use of hormonal replacement therapy, there were as well increase in the number of women who are having breast cancer. In addition, when these countries had decreased the use of the said treatment, there was also noticeably decreased in the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer.





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