Using Dummy Babies—Being Questioned?

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Corks, bikinis, dummies and soothers, whatever you call the pacifiers, traditional wisdom explains that giving them to infants can interfere with the breastfeeding. The recent research, challenges this assertion. In actual, restricting the use of dummies in infant nurseries might really augment the infant’s eating of formula at times of the birth hospitalization, as per the research presented at the yearly meeting in Boston. Research has proved that the breast fed new born experience from less illness like diarrhea, ear infections and decreased threat of many cancers, asthma and obesity. Mothers benefit too from this prompt loss of pregnancy-linked weight gain, decreased threat of particular cancers and augmented cardiovascular health. On the basis of proof, the AAP suggests exclusive breastfeeding for the 1st 6 months of their life.

To motivate the exclusive breastfeeding, UNCF and WHO have suggested that the hospitals that are caring for newborn must follow 10 significant steps for successful breastfeeding. One of the main steps says that the dummies or the artificial treats must not be offered to the breast feedings infants. The medical centers that adopt the 10 steps could be realized as hospitals which are baby-friendly. OHSU that has been working to become a baby-friendly medical centre had adopted a rule in 2010 December limiting the nurses from regularly giving the dummy to the new born babies. The dummies had been locked up and the nurses were asked to enter a certain password and the name of the patient so as to have access to these dummies during special circumstances.

The findings show that the rate of particular breastfeeding on the unit of mother-baby declined prominently following the dummies were limited from 79% of the kids in July 2010 to November 2010 and around 68% in January 2011 to August 2011.



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