Using Various Measurements for Weight Loss

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All those individuals who started their new year with the weight loss resolution, have now started seeing some progress while many others have fallen off the track. It is not that easy to maintain your fitness routine or a healthy diet regularly but recording the particular data can aid the people in getting a general idea about their body composition. This might help the individuals in providing motivation to stay with a routine every day. Researchers say that if you keep record of the body measurements, it will help you get a clear picture about the weight loss.

The general fitness measurements must include weight, height, BMI and body fat percentage. But if you focus on one measurement only like weight then the results might be misleading. So you get a true indication of what you are consuming only when you consider various measurements. Measure the body fat percentage through the high tech scales, simple tape measure or skin fold calipers. One can make use of the BMI calculators which are available online. The fact is that the BMI does not tell much fat a particular human body has, as it goes beyond the layers. The BMI level for men and women adults is the same.

The researchers say that the exact measurements can be taken by the professional trainers, doctors or the experts at the sports performance labs. But one can also use the tape and record the measurements regularly yourself. An ideal advice for an individual, who is about to start a fitness program will be to write down all the measurements and maintain a log of the fitness numbers and diet. This will assist in keeping your new goals regarding your diet and exercises in the initial weeks.



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