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Urinary Tract Infection is undoubtedly a very irritating condition. Most females will attest to this, considering that females will experience UTI at least once in their lifetime. UTI presents with a lot discomforts like pain and burning sensation upon urination, urinary frequency and urgency, feeling of bladder fullness, suprapubic pain, as well as lower or side back pains.

The reason why UTI is more common among females than males is because of the anatomic structure of the female urethra. First, the female urethra is approximately less than half in length compared to the male urethra. In terms of the location, the anus is located in proximity with the opening of the female urethra leading to the affinity of bacteria to travel passively into the urinary meatus.

The causative agent for Urinary Tract Infection is the Escherichia coli bacteria or E. coli which can be usually found in the intestines. In small amounts, E. coli cannot cause any disease to the intestines, but when it multiplies in number, it can give rise to an infection. Furthermore, once it enters the urinary system, it is not anymore considered a normal flora and therefore, it will cause infection and inflammation in the urinary tract.

Urinary Tract Infection can be managed in a lot of ways. Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection may be done in the following ways:

Acid Ash Diet. This is done through increasing intake of acidic foods like Cranberry juice, prune juice, plums and poultry products. These types of foods acidify the urine thereby killing the organisms in the urethra.

Drugs. Use of urinary antiseptics like Nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin) prevents the spread of the microorganism in other parts of the urinary system. Furthermore, the use of urinary antibiotics like ciprofloxacin can lead to the death of these bacteria.  And in order to prevent pain, urinary analgesics may be prescribed like Phenazopyridine (pyridium). Take note that this drug can result to a red orange urine (a common side effect of the drug).

Use Cotton Made Underpants or Undergarments. It is important to take note that cotton fabrics should be used as underpants instead of linen or velvet type fabrics. The reason for this is that the latter types of fabric trap moisture inside the perineum and does not promote adequate ventilation. Thus, bacteria will have a tendency to grow immensely in those areas, especially when it is dark and moist.

Fluid Intake. A person with Urinary Tract Infection should also increase his or her fluid intake. This is encouraged in order to promote further urination. As a person urinates, the bacteria will be flushed out from the urethra.

Avoid Regular Use of Feminine Wash. Many feminine washes are known to change the normal flora of the vagina and perineum, that instead of rendering the system immune to bacteria, it leads to further chances of getting infections. Also, these feminine washes are known to promote imbalance in the acidity and alkalinity of the vagina.

There are many treatments of urinary tract infection that you can make use of and most of them can actually be done at home. Make sure you keep these things in mind as UTI has the tendency to recur frequently.




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