Vaccines Which Are Administered To Infants Can Work Better When Given In the Afternoon

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Infants are considered one of the risk groups among the general population. This is because of their immature condition where the vital organs and even the immune system are not yet fully develop in order to function well and resists any type of infection which invades the body of the infant. Hence, the infants necessitate protection and special type of care in order for them to survive and combat various diseases.

The government and many health care professionals recognize this health concern that is why the development of measures and strategies in order to protect the infant group has been forwarded. This is through certain vaccination programs which aim to enhance and boost the immune system of the infants to help them fight infection and live a normal life. According to a study, vaccines can work better if it were administered during afternoon.

According to the new study which was published online and included in the issue of Pediatrics, there could be a difference on the effects of the vaccine in terms of sleep and immune response depending on the time the vaccine was given. It was claimed by other researches that if a baby had a deep sleep right after the administration of the vaccine, there could be a good effect of the vaccine. This is the reason why parents would give additional medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) to their babies in order for them to have a deep sleep because the drug counteracts the effects of fever and pain.

The new study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 70 infants who were about 2 months of age. These infants were having their first series of vaccines. In order to gather data, the researchers allowed the mother to either give to their infants a dose of acetaminophen before the vaccine shot followed by giving one more dose every after four hours right after the vaccination or follow the standards of care during the vaccination.

The administrations of the medication such as acetaminophen were done by other doctors while other mothers were told to do so if fever develops to their infant in response to the vaccine shot.

Moreover, the researchers found out that those babies who had their immunization at around 1:30 p.m. had slept for long time as compared to those infants who were vaccinated in different time of the day.




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