Vegetarian Food Pyramid

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Worldwide studies show that vegetarians enjoy the highest life expectancy and that chronic disease incidence is low in this category.

Vegetarian pyramid is a great help in the correct combination of basic foodstuffs, cereals and vegetables, to provide all nine essential amino acids in adequate amounts. According to nutritionists, a healthy diet should contain all the essential nutrients in adequate amounts to prevent both excess and nutritional deficiencies. In addition, the diet should promote a balanced intake of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

- The three main categories of foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains – must be consumed at every meal.
- From the group of seeds, nuts, vegetable oils and dairy – foods can be consumed daily.
- Eggs and sweets can be eaten only a few times a week
- Drinking at least 8 cups of water is indicated to ensure good health
- Physical activity – performed regularly at an appropriate level to maintain a healthy weight
- Consumption of alcohol – wine, beer – must be done in moderation, and the spirits, only occasionally
- Unrefined vegetable oils should be consumed on a daily basis
- Food supplements – as appropriate, depending on age, gender and lifestyle, are recommended for vegetarians who do not eat dairy and / or eggs (lack of vitamin D and B12)
- The food in all categories should be as varied, to ensure intake of all nutrients needed by the body



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