Video Games– A Factor In Healthy Aging Among Individuals

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The video game technology is justifying being an effective technique for aiding individuals of various ages, thereby enhancing their health habits and lifestyle and administering the disease.  The recent study is displaying that the exergames have prominent merits for elder adults by rendering cognitive stimulation as well as a means of exercise, social communication and pleasure. Therefore, the games aid them in leading complete, much autonomous life for longer duration, as per the articles in periodical Games for Health. This periodical is a monthly publication and the articles printed in this periodical are also available free of cost at their official website.

As escape from Regular life:

The adults frequently abandon their enduring activities in return for security, safety and care of institutional living. This compromise need not require forsaking the fitness and physical activity. The video games also present an escape from the daily life. All these merits can progress the life of the older adults.  Additionally, video games present a home based procedure to back-up the behavior alteration, encouraging the patients to look after them and to self manage and administer the chronic conditions. The suggestions for how to integrate and use the technology of video games in the training and rehabilitation of the elder adults are offered in the review article.

These video games present an excellent alternative to conventional kinds of aerobic exercises as per the authors. Another article in the similar issue mentions about a research which was conducted in 3 European nations which compared and defined the particular characteristics of video games which shall interest the elder adults.

There were many other factors which encouraged the interest in such video games, the challenges it presented, the social feature of the experience, the capability to gain particular skills as an outcome of gaming and many more.



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