Violence and Bullying Makes Kids Mature Faster

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Kids who are victims of violence and bullying behavior have DNA wear and tear which is generally linked with ageing, a recent research shows. It was discovered that violence concerned stress in kids influences telomeres – which is particular DNA series discovered at the tip of chromosomes. This DNA Telomeres, which avoids DNA from unraveling, gets shorter every time when the cells segment. Shorter telomeres are considered to have association with chronic diseases and poorer survival.

Earlier studies have proved that obesity, smoking, stress and mental health disorders might increase the procedure of loss of telomeres. This recommends that the length of telomere might reflect the individual’s biological and chronological age.

How was the research held?

In this research, the researchers from University of Duke observed data from a study of Britain and recorded 1100 families along with twins from the ten years old. The crew of Duke discovered that kids with a past of 2 or more types of violent exposures – like frequent bullying, domestic violence or physical abuse by any adult – had prominently more telomere loss as compared to other kids.

This study was printed in the Molecular Psychiatry periodical. This is initial time when it has been proved and justified that the telomeres could shorten at much faster rate even when the kids were really young, while the kids also experienced stress, says, Idan Shalev, who is a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience and psychology at the duke University. They announced in a university press release.

These results recommend that defending the kids from any injury might benefit their health in long term. Most of the billions of dollars which are spent on various diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and dementia may be much better invested in defending the kids from any harm.



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