Winter affections: Laryngitis or the loss of voice

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Although the cold season has its joyful moments that we all adore, like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, snowflakes and winter sports, we all have to admit that winter comes with unpleasant things too. Simple or more severe colds, bronchitis, sore throats and running noses are all elements of the winter season we would like to avoid as much as possible as they interfere with the good going of our lives.

Let’s take laryngitis as an example. This affection is quite unpleasant as you simply loose your voice and no matter how hard you try to get it back you just can’t do it. Besides a sore throat other symptoms might not be present, so you can’t say you feel sick.

The most important thing to do in order to get your voice back fast would be letting your vocal cords rest for one or two days. This means that talking should be avoided as much as possible. Don’t go for whispering in hope that you will not damage your vocal cords this way. Whispering will make the vocal cords bang one on each other in the same way they do when you are talking, so it is better to communicate by writing if you feel like saying something.

Another thing to do when feeling like loosing your voice would be avoiding smoking and even standing in a room where people are smoking. Smoke is an irritant factor for the vocal cords and it will only make things worse for you. The same thing is with alcohol. Try to avoid it for a couple of days. Instead go for warm liquids as they will keep you hydrated and will not cause any damage to the muscular layers of the cords.

Room humidifiers are of help too when suffering of laryngitis. By keeping the covering layer of the vocal cords in a moist condition you will fasten your recovery. Inhalations are also benefic in this case and you can do them twice a day for 5 minutes.

If you also suffer of a stuffy nose try not to breathe the air through your mouth. The nose’s layer has a special property: it humidifies and warms the air you breathe so that the cold dry air does not get to harm your inferior respiratory tracks. So, you should try to resolve the stuffy nose first and they your larynx will be a little bit more protected and will heal faster.

Generally laryngitis heals in 4 to 5 days. In case you see that not even after 7 days your voice has not recovered you should go see a doctor in order to look for other causes of your affection besides a possible viral infection.




  1. I recently discovered that my occasional voice hoarseness is a symptom of GERD. Something else to consider.

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