Warning For Overweight Females Planning To Be Pregnant

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A recent study from the University of Illinois encompassed a warning for the overweight females who are planning pregnancy. Even if they consumed a healthy diet during their pregnancies, their kids shall be diagnosed in an unhealthy surrounding which places the kids at the threat for future health issues. We can view the fat subquestered in the mother’s placenta when it must be going to the baby to back-up its development. The nutrients supply area in placenta of the overweight mothers is ½ the dimension to that the normal weight mother, even when they both consume the same diet. Pan blames the Obesogenic surroundings of the mother, which encompass augmented triglycerides, elevated levels of hormone leptin, increased amount of non-esterified fatty acids which circulate in the overweight mother’s body.

The levels of NEFA and triglyceride are almost 2 times high in the overweight mothers, irrespective of the healthy diet that they take during their pregnancy. The advice of the researchers is to shed off their weight well ahead they become pregnant. In the research, the researchers evaluated the placentas of overweight rats that were fed with a healthy diet during their pregnancy along with the placentas of the overweight resistant rats that were fed the similar diet.  However the overweight women did not put on much weight due to the healthy diet, the thing which remained was the obesogenic surrounding. It affected the nutrient transport control in the placenta.

The findings showed that the mothers gave birth to the kids who were 17% smaller as compared to what they must be. The results for those kids might be prolonged, making the kids more vulnerable to the diseases, the researchers said. They say that being overweight creates unhealthy circumstances in the body of the mother, and these take time to get normal.



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