Warning:Solarium and skin cancer

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Solarium and skin cancer: What you choose is…what you get!

Women have always had a strange sense of following beauty trends, even though this might have assumed making a few sacrifices: high heeled shoes that ‘kill’ our legs and backs after one day of wearing them; tight clothes that stop us from breathing; low waist blue jeans that expose our abdomen to cold and a lot more fashionable items that we desperately buy are the cause of our health problems.

Fashion does not only make us wear uncomfortable clothes, it also makes us sacrifice our health so that we can be trendy and glamorous. But is this worth it? Is a moment of glam equal to a lifetime of hospital visits afterwards?

Let’s take solarium tanning for example. As summer is approaching and we do not want to expose our white looking skin to the public when wearing a short skirt or dress, most of us might choose a fast and easy method of looking like if we had returned from the summer vacation. A tanned skin is something a lot of women desire as movie stars, and famous people seem to have it all the time.

Solariums have been a great source of money for cosmetic saloons and a great source of happiness for white skinned girls. But it seems that this happiness does not last long, as scientists say that solariums are responsible for premature skin aging and skin cancer. Yes, you might have thought until now that solariums will give you a safe tan, but it seems that the UV radiations they emit are 5 times stronger than the UV radiations emitted by the sun!

In time, your exposures to the UV radiations will sum up and the chances for you to develop skin cancer will increase too. Solarium tanning does not last long and it is not even a source of vitamin D as sun exposure is.


If you are going to the solarium just because you have a fair skin and you want to get a bit of t

an in order to avoid getting skin burns after exposing to the sun, you should know your effort is useless. Solarium pre-tan is not protective for sun burns.

It is true that society often judges us by the way we dress and look, not by our humanity, our knowledge or intelligence, but try not to become a fashion victim in order to achieve appreciation. It is best to think of the advantages and disadvantages of a certain beauty procedure before running for it. If you do not look after your health then who do you think will do that for you?




  1. Very true! I always tell my friends and familly to avoid solarium.
    Hope your nice article will be spread through the net.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. sometimes in our obsession to look our best, we jeopardized our health … we all should prioritized our health before our looks.. Thanks for sharing

  3. I’m glad that you all found this article useful and I hope my work will open the eyes of at least a few people that read this blog.

  4. i wana ask u if the risk of skin cancer if found from the first use of solarium?or we can use the solarium once a year for example and remain safe???

  5. Thank you for the article, I agree that people do not need to sacrifice for their looks, but I read before, that solarium helps to provide the body with vitamin D. May be I was wrong.. I also heart, that solarium is Ok, if the people do not use them often than 20 sessions per year.

  6. How do you tell if youve got the cancer

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