Washed Out Milk Drains A Lot of Resources

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Milk which is poured down in the sinks of the kitchens every year creates a carbon footprint which is equal to hundreds of car exhaust emissions, the research shows. The investigators say that approximately 360 000 tons of milk gets wasted each year in UK and this creates greenhouse gas emissions which is equivalent to 100 000 tons of CO2. The research which is carried by the University of Edinburgh says that this is similar to the emission which takes place by car yearly. The study recognizes ways that the consumers can even help in curbing the greenhouse gas emissions through the reduction of quantity of food which they purchase, serve and then waste. They even recommend the food industries can reduce the emission through seeking much well-organized ways to make use of the fertilizers.

Consuming chicken adds to the problem:

The investigators even say that consuming the quantity of chicken in UK and further progressed nations to level which is consumed in Japan can cut the greenhouse gas emission which is equal to driving 10 million cars on the road. The number displays that if mean chicken intake in developed nations dropped from the present level of 26 kgs every year to 12 kgs in Japan each by the year 2020, the global objective from poultry will fall below the present levels, rather than augmented output from progressing world. They will certainly cut the forecasted global output of nitrous oxide, a principal of the greenhouse gas. The demand for food, specifically the meat, is anticipated to augment over the next few years as the population of world continues to expand and emerging nations eat more. Agriculture is considered to be the main source of nitrous oxide which is a influential greenhouse gas which is produced by fertilizers and soil.



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