Water with Fluoride May Harm the Children’s Brain

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The United States—The latest study published on Thursday December the 23rd has proven that water with fluoride has a quite big impact to harm the children’s brain. Despite the fact that it also causes the decrease of IQ level to the children, it is very poisonous and causing the brain to destroy and it may be the end of water with fluoride. The study is said to be the 24th one to conduct and it has stronger evidence about the connection between fluoride and brain damage. It is said that the lower level of IQ is somehow has something to do with the number of fluoride in children’s blood.

The study was conducted in China with two villages to be the place where the study took place. One village contains more fluoride in its water than the other one. At last, it is known that the higher level of intelligence is found in the village with lower level of fluoride. It is said that the difference is even up to 350%. Despite the fact that many studies have proven that fluoride is a poison to the brains, the States seem to support the water fluoridation and it is definitely dangerous to the children’s health.



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