Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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Average caloric intake shall be adjusted according to woman’s weight prior to pregnancy and its evolution in the nine months of pregnancy An acceleration of weight gain requires a rebalancing of food inputs, because the problem is usually qualitative and not quantitative. Failure to gain weight is a threat to the developing fetus, so you should follow a balanced diet.

There is no optimal weight gain valid for all women. This is calculated individually depending on the woman’s weight before pregnancy: between 11 and 16 extra pounds for a woman of average weight, and up to 18 kg for women with low weight before pregnancy.

Weight gain should be adequate: the risks of obesity are well known (hypertension, gestational diabetes, urinary infections, etc.), but the risks of not gaining enough weight are known as well. Since the beginning of pregnancy, personalized advice will reduce the risk of micronutrient deficiencies that may have consequences on embryo development and may encourage premature birth or low birth weight for the baby.
Thus, a woman who already had a child born with low weight (under 2.5 kg) would have to take more weight in the early stages of pregnancy, while for a woman with a history of preterm birth is very important to gain weight in the last quarter.



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