Wellbutrin vs. Paxil

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Depression is a damaging psychological condition—not only to the depressed individual but also to the people around him or her. The family of a depressed person will seek to adjust to the “afflicted” member and will definitely feel stigmatized with the condition of this member.

Drugs used to treat depression come in various forms and have been developed extensively to make sure these will present as less side effects as possible. Wellbutrin and Paxil are two common anti-depressants in the market and here are a few basic information about these drugs:

What We Need To Know About Wellbutrin vs. Paxil?

Wellbutrin and Paxil are both antidepressant drugs. Paroxetine is an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) while Bupropion is an atypical antidepressant drug. Paroxetine works by stabilizing the amount of Serotonin in our brain thus keeping our moods normal and less depressed.

Contraindications Before Taking Wellbutrin vs. Paxil?

Before taking Wellbutrin, you have to disclose to your physician the following things, if they are present, or if you have been diagnosed with such conditions:

-          Bipolar Diseases;

-          Psychosis;

-          Heart Disorders;

-          High Blood Pressure or hypertension;

-          Seizures;

-          Diabetes;

-          Kidney or Liver Diseases;

-          Suicidal Ideations or attempts;

-          Allergic Reaction to the drug;

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

Similarly, one needs to report the following to the physician before being prescribed with Paxil:

-          Bipolar disorder;

-          Kidney, liver or heart diseases;

-          Those receiving ECT;

-          Suicidal attempts;

-          Seizures and Convulsions;

-          Allergy to the drug;

-          Pregnancy and lactation.

How To Take Wellbutrin vs. Paxil?

Wellbutrin should be taken with a glass full of water. Never take the drug in excess or lesser than the prescribed amount of the medication as it may lead to signs of overdose or withdrawal. Also, do not stop taking the drug unless your physician tells you to. Tapering needs to be done before completely withdrawing from taking this medication.

As for Paxil, one needs to get a medicine cup in order to measure the exact amount of the drug. Do not use a regular tablespoon to measure this drug. The same instructions stated for Wellbutrin should also be followed when taking Paxil.

Special Precautions When Taking Wellbutrin vs. Paxil

One must take note of the following drugs while taking Wellbutrin as they are most likely to produce drug-drug interactions:

-          MAO Inhibitors;

-          Zyban;

-          Procarbazine;

-          Corticosteroids;

-          Anti-seizure drugs;

-          Appetite suppressants;

-          Anti-psychotic medications; and

-          Drugs for heart diseases.

As for Paxil, the following drugs should be given considerations:

-          MAOIs;

-          SSRI drugs;

-          Procarbazine;

-          Tryptophan;

-          Medicines for migraine;

-          NSAIDs; and

-          Medications for anxiety, depression and psychosis.

Side Effects When Taking Wellbutrin vs. Paxil

When taking Wellbutrin, the following side effects must be watched out for:

-          Allergic response to the drug;

-          Difficulty in respiration;

-          Vision changes;

-          Irregular heartbeat;

-          Seizures and convulsions;

-          Increased blood pressure;

-          Suicidal ideations;

-          Redness and peeling of the skin; and

-          Hallucinations.

The same side effects are also true for taking Paxil, however, the following should also be taken note of:

-          Black and bloody stool or urine;

-          Trouble urinating;

-          Unusual bleeding; and

-          Priapism/ prolonged and painful erection.




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