What Are The Side Effects of Colon Cleansing

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Colon cleansing is already a household name—most especially among people aged forty and above. This is because colon health is given emphasis today compared to the previous years due to the rising incidence of colon and GI related morbidity and mortality. Some of the diseases which can be linked towards developing colon neoplasms are ulcerations, diverticulitis, adhesions, etc.

The thing with colon cleansing is that, as we grow old, the ability of our colon to get rid of the toxins and unnecessary chemicals become weaker… to the point that the colon can become a cornucopia of all the toxins that one can meet in a day to day basis. This is the reason why colon cleansing can be considered a “hit” in the elderly. And because of this sensation that is colon cleansing, there are many colon cleansing methods available in the market—drugs, juices, pills, diets name it and colon cleansing has it.

And just like any other treatment method like drugs, lifestyle changes, etc—colon cleansing side effects may also be common and is expected to occur. Here is a list of the common colon cleansing side effects and how they could occur:

Nausea and Vomiting. Colon cleansing side effects include this duo because colon cleansing depletes the energy level of a person by flushing out the important electrolytes. Thus body weakness can also happen, simultaneously. Be sure to keep yourself up with electrolytes and sweet foods to avoid nausea and vomiting.

Dehydration. We lose too much water and electrolytes when we cleanse our colon. The reason is that most of our fluids are reabsorbed in our colon—when we trigger our colon to expel the materials inside, water also becomes expelled leading to dehydration. Thus signs of dehydration may occur like weakness, confusion, dry mouth and feeling of extreme thirst. Be lavish on fluids, especially water and fruit juices.

Stomach Upset. Well this is actually the way colon cleansing works. Stomach upset is among the top colon cleansing side effects because colon cleansers trigger our colon to expel toxins… but then colon cleansers do not differentiate toxins from non-toxins so everything gets out of the system. Rumbling of stomach and frequent episodes of loose bowel movement in the toilet is common.

Extreme Hunger. Since the body is depleted with nutrients and food contents, our body will crave for foods, thus the occurrence of hunger during colon cleansing.

Allergic Reactions. Some colon cleansers may contain herbs and ingredients which others have allergy to. Thus, it is important to monitor yourself from allergic reactions signs and symptoms like itchiness, development of rashes around the body, chest tightness and the like. When this happens, stop taking the colon cleanser and take an anti-histamine if you have at home.

Colon cleansers are also considered medications—as such these needs some sort of advise from the doctor because this procedure is not fail-safe. Certain side effects and adverse effects like those mentioned above is not far from impossible.



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