What can we do when sex does no longer cause pleasure, but pain?

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The term used by doctors when referring to this condition is dyspareunia. When the intercourse becomes painful, besides the physical problems, other problems occur too and this time they are related to the couple. Frustrations and negative thinking can leave a print over the good going of the couple relationship. A low self esteem, disappointment and fear can install in both the men and the women when sex does not work any more as it used to and can lead to serious argues within the couple.

In a lot of cases pain during intercourse appears if lubricating is missing or is insufficient for a good going of the sexual act. The problem can be solved if both partners take some precaution measures. The woman should learn how to relax better and the man should prolong the prelude. Also using sex lubricants bought from drug stores can be of help.

Normally, one or two episodes of painful intercourse can be overlooked, but if the problem persists then medical help should be seeked. You can start by going to your GP, but unfortunately not all of them are specialized in treating intercourse problems. If your GP is one of them, you can go to a gynecologist or to your local family planning clinic.

Sometimes painful intercourse is just a symptom given by another affection that you might suffer of and you are not treating it yet.

1. Vulvitis. This is an inflammation of the vaginal opening (the vulva). It can be triggered by a lot of causes, but most frequent by all kinds of chemicals women use for their hygiene, including bubble baths.

2. Ovarian affections. Cysts are most likely to trigger deep pain, but also if the penis touches an unusually positioned ovary pain can install. An ECO can easily show if there are cysts on the ovaries, and treatment can be fast implemented, solving both the pain and the internal affection.

3. Vaginismus. This affection has a psychological cause and it is triggered by the fear of pain. Most frequent vaginismus is encountered in girls that have just begun their sexual life and can outrun the feeling that they will be in pain again. Due to this fear, the muscles of the vagina are contracted in a spasm.

4. Vaginal infections, cervical inflammations and some sexual transmitted diseases can lead to pain during intercourse. When the pain is felt deep inside then the uterus might suffer of some affection like endometriosis or fibroids.

5. Menopause. As the level of female sex hormones decrease during menopause, the vaginal mucous membrane looses its lubricating properties, becomes more dry and this is why pain occurs during sex. Normally a sex lubricant and HRT pills can solve the problem.



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