What foods are part of the dairy food group?

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The most commonly consumed foods in this group are:

* Fat;
* Partially skimmed (1%, 2%);
* Full;
* Low-lactose milk;
* Lactose-free milk;
* Milk with different flavors (chocolate, strawberry, etc.).

Milk-based desserts
* Pudding with milk;
* Ice cream;
* Milkshake.

* Cheddar;
* Mozzarella;
* Parmesan;
* Melted cheese;
* Processed cheese (with various flavors).

All types of yogurt:
* Fat;
* Partially skimmed
* Entirely.


People who have lactose intolerance can consume products from lactose-free or with low content. This is true in the case of cheese and yoghurt. Also, you can use enzymes such as lactase, which is added to milk and lactose levels decline by up to 70%, depending on the quantity of milk. There are beverages that contain more calcium such as soy milk or orange juice, but that does not contain nutrients like milk and dairy products.

Health benefits of the food groups

Consumption of milk and milk products has many health benefits. People who have a diet rich in milk and dairy products may reduce the risk of low bone mass. Milk group foods contain vital nutrients for your health. Among these nutrients are calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein.
* Diets rich in milk and dairy products help to develop and maintain bone mass throughout life. It also prevents osteoporosis;
* Consumption of milk and dairy products is very important in childhood and adolescence, when bone mass is developed;
* Diets that include milk products have a higher nutritional value.

Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones, and in maintaining healthy bone mass. Diets that include three cups of milk per day or its equivalent in dairy products improves the body’s bone structure.
Potassium helps maintain blood pressure to normal levels. Dairy products, especially yogurt and fluid milk are a source of potassium.
Vitamin D helps in determining the uptake of potassium and calcium in the bones help maintain healthy bone mass. Milk is the main source of calcium, followed by yogurt and cereals fortified with calcium.
Fat dairy products are recommended because they contain solit.

Why is it important to choose foods from the milk group with a low-fat?

Choice of milk group foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol has a negative effect on health. Diets high in saturated fats increase cholesterol levels. There are two types of cholesterol: “good” cholesterol (HDL) and “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). The high level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease.



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