What Foods To Avoid With Kidney Stones

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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT—this can aptly describe how kidney stone works. Many cases of kidney stones are due to what a person eats. In fact, two forms of kidney stones can be attributed to one’s diet, i.e. uric acid stones and calcium stones.

However, in the same manner that diet can cause kidney stones, diet can also prevent the occurrence and aid in the treatment of kidney stones. It is important to take note of the kidney stone foods to avoid in order for the reduction in size and removal of these stones to be facilitated and promoted.

Foods Rich in Oxalic Acid

First on the list of kidney stone foods to avoid are foods rich in oxalic acid. Oxalic acids can react with our urine components which will subsequently form oxalate stones. Foods that we need to avoid are spinach, egg plant, tomatoes, peanuts, sweet potatoes and squash. It is okay to eat these foods but the thing is, we have to limit consuming these food items.

Foods Rich in Calcium

Foods rich in calcium are obviously kidney stone foods to avoid. It is not the calcium rich foods per se that leads to formation of kidney stones. However, when our diet is too high in calcium, our body cannot convert these calcium deposits into useful forms thus they become stagnant in our kidneys and clump to become a kidney stone.

Foods Rich in Protein

Too much of everything can be dangerous… the same idea holds true with proteins. Although protein can definitely help in muscle build up and growth, too much protein in our blood stream can increase our blood levels of uric acid. Uric acids form crystal—like what happens with gout… and when these crystals get deposited in our kidneys, kidney stones happen. This is one reason why too much meat products, organ meats, beans and nuts are considered as kidney stone foods to avoid.

Foods High In Sugar

Apart from those with diabetes mellitus, people with kidney stones should also consider sugary and sweet confections as kidney stone foods to avoid. What happens with too much intake of sugar, it takes away calcium deposits from our bones and increases the amount of calcium in our blood. As such, calcium may be deposited inside our kidneys and may form in calcium stones.

Diuretic Drinks

Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics. When we say diuretics, these foods and beverages increases our urine output. When this happens, we may dehydrate ourselves and leave our kidneys with a high concentration of minerals and elements. With dehydration, kidney stones may form. As such, it is important to keep ourselves hydrated as much as possible to dilute our urine and prevent these minerals from turning into kidney stones.

While these types of foods mentioned here are mentioned as foods to be avoided, eating them is just okay—as long as there is moderation.



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