What Is A Cold Sore On The Mouth

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Cold sore is a very annoying condition. Apart from the fact that it causes pain and discomfort to  the affected  area,  it  also  appears  in  the  most  delicate  and  taken-care-of  parts  of  our  face especially the lips, nose, mouth, eyelids and even the cheeks. The sores are also very common and tend to recur in the same area once the virus reactivates.

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex I virus. The truth about this virus is that an estimated fifty to eighty percent of the world’s population has been exposed to herpes simplex virus… but not all will exhibit outbreaks. Various causes and conditions need to be present for an outbreak to occur and the most common condition is a lowered immune resistance.

Of  all  places  where  cold  sores  can  happen,  a  cold  sore  on  mouth  is  actually  one  of  the  most dreaded conditions—not because it is fatal but because it can affect one’s appearance. How will other people face you without noticing that red and blistery bump on your lip? How will your partner react to this cold sore that you have? These and many other body-image concerns are very common with herpes simplex outbreaks.

Meanwhile,  here  are  several  causes  which  predispose  a  person  in  developing  a  cold  sore  on mouth.

Stress. Stress is known to be the main trigger in getting cold sore on mouth outbreak. Examples of stress triggers for cold sores are diseases and body injuries. Managing one’s stress should be done in order to prevent a cold sore on mouth from appearing without any obvious cause.

Colds and Flu.  Most  often  than  not,  when  we  acquire  cold  or  flu,  cold  sores  may  also  come along  the  way.  Getting  timely  relief  from  cold  and  flu  is  an  excellent  way  of  preventing outbreaks of cold sore on mouth.

Sunlight and UV Rays.  Although  a  small  portion  of  sunlight  is  healthy  for  our  skin  and  body, too much exposure of our lips to the sun can lead to irritation and subsequently, cold sore on mouth will come up. There are many lip balms today which offer UV protection (SPF) so making use of them is an excellent way of protecting the lips. 

Body Acidity. It has been found out that people with a body pH below 7 is at risk for developing cold sores.  To  counter  this cause,  it  is  best  to  keep  our  body  pH  above  7.  This may be done through proper nutrition and preventing intake of foods with acidic pH.

 Low Immune System.  Like  any  other  disease,  especially  infectious  conditions,  cold  sore  on mouth  will  also  most  likely  present  when  our  immune  system  is  depressed.  Keeping our immune system boosted is important. We can have a resistant immune system by eating foods rich in vitamins, taking vitamin C and zinc supplements, etc.

These  are  the  top  5  causes  of  cold  sore  on  mouth.  Making sure you understand and  keep  in mind  all  these  causes  is  not  the  only  important  thing—even  more  so,  we  have  to  make  sure that  these  causes  are  well  avoided  and  that  we  do  our  part  in  avoiding  stress,  infections, exposure to sunlight, low body pH and a low immune system.




  1. Excellent article with a wealth of information. I might add, from experience, that you should certainly avoid contact with any open sores you may be experiencing. Keep the blister covered with a petroleum jelly so that you do not accidently pick up the virus and transfer it to your eyes, your child or mate. It is highly contagous when you are having an outbreak.

    • Thanks for the comment! That is true! It is a must to contain the infective microbes and prevent them from spreading.

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